Piala Malaysia live update

By in Uncategorized on January 8, 2010

Piala Malaysia isn’t like EPL that has a lot of fans. There are many website that publish live updates of English Premier League. Compare to EPL, Piala Malaysia is not attractive enough.

Based on Alexa ranking, I assume that current Malaysian prefer gossips and politics compare to national sports. For those who still do not know, Alexa is a website that rank all websites in the world. Low rank means higher traffics.

Based on Alexa ranking, the highest ranking for website about Malaysia football is Harimau Malaya; a forum for ‘Malaysian Bola Maniac’. Compare to gossips and politics blogs that rank below 100’000 in Alexa, Harimau Malaya only rank 300’000. However I am sure this number will continue to decrease since Malaysia football has showed their true nature by winning Sukan SEA. For those who eager to know about news related to Malaysian football, Harimau Malaya is one of the best option that you have.

Piala Malaysia Live Update

For those who can’t watch Piala Malaysia in TV due to certain issue, you can go to SportsMalaysia for live update. Besides football, this website keep the record for other sports like badminton, hockey and squash.

Watch Piala Malaysia online

The application by BeritaBola is extremely useful for students that live inside hostel since you do not need to go to the TV Room to watch Piala Malaysia anymore. But this application depends on your college internet connection too. For worst case, you may end up watching the football match in matrix (slow motion) style.

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