Live CD makes life easier

By in Software Reviews on April 1, 2010

Although live CD is really famous, there are still a lot of people that do not know about it. What is live cd? Actually, live cd is a type of bootable cd that contains operating system. Live cd is very useful especially in troubleshooting and repairing and your PC.

Since live CDs have their own operating system, they do not need the OS inside your hard disk (ex: xp, linux, vista) to operate. Imagine that your PC has error and can’t load windows. For most people, they either format it or make it as slave in other PC. However, perhaps the PC only has software issue and only need a few click to settle it.

In above case, live CD is really useful because you can still access the hard disk by using live CD. You just need to download the appropriate live CD (ISO file) that suits your need and then burn it in CD or DVD. To load from the live CD, you just need to change the CD/DVD to the top of boot sequence list (can be change at BIOS setup).

As for now, I had tried Puppy Linux. Although the live CD is really light (around 100 mb), it supports many application such as internet browser, file recovery and partitioning tools. From the live CD, you can then mount your error hard disk to access it and troubleshoot.

A few examples of available and popular live CDs are:

  • Ubuntu (I am sure most of us have heard about Ubuntu but don’t know what it is. Actully it is another Linux distribution that can either be installed as OS or just to be used as live CD).
  • Bactrack
  • Knoppix
  • Ultimate Boot CD 4 (this live CD has the interface similar to Windows XP. If you have used windows XP, you should have no problem to use this live CD)

Since you already know how important a live CD can be, it is good to download and burn a live CD as a backup for future. For those who don’t know, live CD can also be stored inside USB drive instead of burning it into CD. The bootable USB is also called as live USB.

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