Soccer equipments for soccer players

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Soccer is really a fun game. To play soccer, you need certain equipments in order to protect yourself or for your own comfort. Below are some soccer equipments that quite important for soccer games.

Goal Post


This is the most essential thing to play a real football games. There is also a mini version for indoor soccer games. 

Soccer shoes / Boots

soccer shoes

Different soccer shoes will bring different effect to your game performance. Quality shoes have good grips toward the ball and can make you feel comfortable during entire game. Best soccer shoes are offered here.

Soccer jersey

soccer jersey

A team in a soccer need to wear the design of jersey in order to differentiate two different teams.

Soccer socks

soccer socks

Soccer shinguards / shinpads

soccer puma shinguards

In a amature games, it is normal to not wear shinguards however this a need in a professional games. For your information, soccer is a games that has a high tendency for injury especially at the legs. Shinguards will really help you to prevent this. Remember, soccer is played by foots. So keep it carefully.

Soccer training jacket

soccer training jacket

Professional player always wear training suits or jacket during warm up. Wearing jacket will speed up their warming up process and thus make them ready for training sessions.

Field player gloves

nike field player gloves

This is not the gloves for goalkeeper but for field players. This gloves is important during outside so that player can hold the ball with full grip and thus  throwing it as far as possible. Quality gloves will make you able to grip ball even in rainy games.

Shoe bag

It is really cool to have your own shoe bag. You don’t need to come to game with big bag anymore.


soccer equipments bagpack

If you have many things to bring to your match, consider having bagpack rather than shoe bag. You can fill more stuffs inside bag pack such as first aid kit, foods, and others.

Training short

soccer equipments training short

Long pant

soccer equipments long pant

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    Those ‘Field player gloves’
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    The field player gloves can be found easily if you’re at country with four season. In malaysia you need to put some efforts to find the gloves.
    Try to search the field player gloves at sports boutique.