The easy way to write resume

By in Place and Events on October 9, 2010

Hey, can you tell me how to write a resume? What font should I used? Should I used small or capital letter?

So, that are the questions that will come from someone who knows nothing about resume. Instead of writing resume by your own, you can just download the softcopy in the internet. As for me, I used JobStreet to come up with a resume.

After registering with JobStreet, you will see an option to create resume. Then you just need to fill a form, insert your picture, and submit. And now your data will be available to employers. After completing your resume, you will see download option for the resume. The downloaded resume can be opened in Microsoft Word in case you want to edit something. That’s super easy isn’t it? You got a fully format resume just by completing a form.

Another thing that need to be keep in mind is that you don’t need to be a fresh graduate to register JobStreet. JobStreet offers opportunities for part time and internship. On going college or university students can maximized this feature to register and grab any job opportunity during semester break.

There is also English assessment and practices that you can take in JobStreet. It’s good idea to check how good you do in English by taking the assessment. The assessment result should gave employers a good view about your English skill.

So, this is mine. Not so good, but not too bad.

Job Street Assesement

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