How to use VirtualBox

By in Software Reviews on April 10, 2010

VirtualBox is a software that use virtualization technology that enable us to run another operating system (OS) in our current operating system. The operating system that is created by VirtualBox is called virtual machine (VM). Virtual machine means that the machine is only using virtual drive. That means you can delete the VM easily if you don’t want to use it anymore.

Although you can see a lot of Ubuntu Linux user use VirtualBox so that they can use Windows in Ubuntu, but you can also use VirtualBox in Windows so that you can test drive Ubuntu in Windows.

Below is the picture of how I use Ubuntu inside my Windows XP.

virtual box ubuntu

To install VirtualBox, you just need to make sure that you download the correct software. If you want to use it at Windows, download the Windows version, and if you want to use it at Ubuntu, download the Linux version.

After installing the VirtualBox, you need to have ISO image of the operating system that you want to virtualized. Then you can use VirtualBox to load the ISO image of the OS. After that you just need to configure a few things and you will see the operating system in your current OS.

After you can use the virtual machine, then you can decide whether to install VirtualBox Guest Additions or not. I suggest that you install the VirtualBox Guest Additions at your VM so that you can enjoy more features such as mouse integration with your real OS. That means you don’t need to press Right Ctrl anymore in order to switch the mouse to another OS. And you can also use full resolution by adding VirtualBox Guest Additions. If you don’t really understand the benefits, just installed it. You would lose nothing.

Since the virtual machine is actually inside your current OS, that means the performance would not be so good compare to if you install them separately. However VirtualBox is a very good software in testing any operating system before you try it for real. Sometimes people are too worry to try OS such as Linux because they afraid that they would mess up in Linux. With VirtualBox there is nothing to be afraid, go on and give Ubuntu Linux a test drive.

While for Ubuntu user, some of them install VirtualBox so that they can use Windows software in Ubuntu. Instead of VirtualBox, you can also use Wine to run Windows application in Ubuntu Linux.

It’s up to you for how to use it.

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