Sharing file using HFS

By in Software Reviews on December 21, 2009

hfs tutorial

HFS is the shortform for HTTP File Server.

The main purpose of HFS is to share file easily without the need to setup your own server such as apache cause HFS itself is a server. Furthermore, we can track the file is downloaded from us.

To access your HFS, once need to type your IP address in their browser. Before that, you need to make sure that you already switch ON the HFS. You can see this by right clicking at HFS taskbar.

Using HFS we could know:

  • The downloader IP address
  • The total size people download from us
  • The time left for the download process

Besides that, visitor could upload files to you too. And then, there is also Folder Archive option at the default HFS template. Using Folder Archive, it is possible for visitor to download a folder that contains a lot of files by using one click instead of downloading those files inside the folder one by one.

HFS doing this by automatically make the file as archive file when Folder Archive is used.

Get HFS here >>

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