How to sell things in Mudah

By in Website Reviews on February 3, 2010

A friend of mine decided to upgrade his LCD monitor. I don’t sure why he want big LCD, perhaps he want more satisfaction in playing games. Oh, imagine playing ‘dota’ and ‘Counter Strike’ by using 22 inch monitor. Of course you can detect your enemies easily. No wonder I suck at gaming since I am only using 15 inch LCD.

There is a lot of website that enable you to sell your belongings online. My friend had tried Lelong but he claimed Lelong is not user friendly enough. Lelong has a lot of features such as bidding and buy now however there is a lot of requirement to do that. You need to verify your account and you also need to have credits in Lelong to use those features. Just for selling a LCD, it is not worth to put a lot of time in it. So Lelong is not a good choice.

Mudah as an advertising platform

Then my friend use Mudah to advertise his LCD. For those who do not know, Mudah is classified website where you can advertise online for free. He had claimed that Mudah is really ‘mudah’ just like its name. Only a few steps is needed to advertise his LCD in Mudah. Since Mudah has a lot of traffic, he had received four interested buyers within a few days.

The best features about Mudah is that it enable advertiser to change item price and also the ability to delete an advertisement. This is important so that you will not be disturbed after your product has been sold.

How to be trusted in Mudah

Since advertising in Mudah is really easy, so does the security. There are a lot of conman in Mudah. The biggest secret in advertising in Mudah is to let the potential buyers trust and believe you.

So, how to do that?

1. Put your blog address in the advertisement.

Since you already put your blog in the advertisement, potential buyers can have more details on you and this will likely to build trust. They will also feel safe because they believe that you will not be a conman just for a few hundreds. Who wants to sacrifice his blog reputation just for a few hundreds? Maybe there are, but not many.

2. Provide forum username / display name

If you do not have a blog, you should at least provide your display name in an online forum that you are active. This is so that potential buyers know where to find you in virtual world.

3. Do COD (cash on delivery)

Besides postage delivery, it is good if you support COD too. Some potential buyers like to do COD because they can see the item themselves before paying for it. To avoid fun buyer, you can ask the buyer to deposit a small sum of money before doing COD. If the buyer do not turn up, at least you still get something for nothing.

4. Take the real pictures of the item

I believe that potential buyers tend to be more interested in an item if you provide the real pictures of the item. This is so that interested buyers know the condition of the item and will not accuse you of fraud when they receive the item.

Perhaps some of you has planned to put fake status of an item so that people will buy from you, but please remember what will you feel if you are being cheated? If you don’t want to be cheated, don’ cheat.

E-book : Mudah selling guide

If you know Malay, there is an E-Book specially for selling in Mudah. I can not elaborate more about the E-Book since I do not read it myself. From what I heard, those who follow the E-Book have succeed in selling their items.

If you are really interested to sell in Mudah, the e-book might be a great help but it is not essential. As long as you be an honest seller and give suitable prices, your item sure sells like a hot cake. Even my friend managed to sell his 17 inch LCD in Mudah in first try.

However the ebook should greatly help you in avoiding these issue:

  • How to avoid scammer
  • How to sell expensive product properly
  • ¬†How to turn your visitors into buyers
  • How to make visitor click your Mudah advertisement
  • How to make Mudah as your ATM machine

Besides Mudah, Lowyat forum is also a good place to sell things online. Unlike Mudah, you can negotiate the price and discuss about the item directly in Lowyat. To get the best result, it is good if you try both.

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