How to sell used mobile phone online without getting scam

By in Mobile phone news on September 9, 2012

Mobile phone is a technology gadgets that keep changing. The trends move so fast. Today you have a mobile phone which supports up to 2GB disk space and 5 mega pixel camera, and tomorrow suddenly you will hear that a new model that supports up to 5 GB disk space and 8 mega pixel is already out.

If you are someone that follow the trend, I am going to share with you a secret tips to help you sell your used mobile phone on classified platform such as eBay or Mudah.

I know you are quite worry to sell your phone online. Sometimes we heard bad news related to online business. Scamming is happening everywhere. However if you follow this guide, the chance for scamming to happen is minimal.sell used phone on mudah selangor

1# Never post the product before receive full payment

To avoid scammer that do not buy for a product, it is best to get full payment from them. Then you can start packing your mobile phone and send them using post express. To avoid future issue, it is best to pack the phones correctly. Make sure you wrap the mobile phone using span or bubble wrapping. You can get this item on supermarket for a cheap price.

2# Provide Cash on Delivery

If the buyer insists to pay only after the item arrive, you can forget him. Or you can suggest him to do cash on delivery. Setup a meting place with him and ask him to meet you there. By doing this, your buyer can verified the condition of the item. If the item is good like you mention on your listing in Mudah or eBay, the buyer will be more than happy to spend money for the used item.

3# Gain trust by linking to your profile

If you decided to sell your used mobile phone on, you should do this step to gain some trust. I believe you are active in certain forum. So make sure to promote your listing in the forum. Then you just need to put a link for the forum post in your listing.

The three steps above can significantly help you in getting a lot of potential buyer. Be aware that once you started the advertisement in Mudah classified, your phone and mailbox will be flooded with price query and negotiation. I believe Mudah is the best place to buy and sell online since you can list your product for free and the site especially Selangor receives thousands of visitors that are willing to spend money on something good.

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