How to print effectively

By in Software Reviews on February 23, 2010

Sometimes people always overlook something that is actually simple to do. For example, do you know that there is a way to print a lot of files in one click? Usually you need to print Microsoft Word documents that contains in different files. Certain people will open the file one by one, and print it one by one. Too much time needed and wasting time.

If they tried to learn about Operating System a bit more, they will know that they can actually print in a bulk by selecting all of the Microsoft Word files, right click and then press ‘Print’. Done. So easy. In contrast to printing the document files manually, you cannot edit the file first or change how the files are going to be printed. Usually I would choose ‘gray scale’ mode and ‘duplex’ printing style (printing in both front and back of a paper) in order to save ink and paper usage. By using this quick way of printing, I cannot select ‘duplex’ or ‘gray scale’ mode.

That’s why I only use this trick if I need the document files to be printed quicker.

The same also apply to ‘duplex’ printing. Some of my friends used to print at front and back of the paper manually. So did I. That’s because I was too lazy to learn about printing option and features. Sometimes we need to devote quite a lot of time in doing research so that we can save a lot of time in later time.

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