How to increase PC performance

By in Computer Guide on October 12, 2010

You might not having any performance issue if you only use your PC for simple tasks like accessing the internet, watch movie, or playing mini games. Somehow, you might face some lagging if you want to do heavy task such as playing online games, playing high end games, video editing, or 3D rendering.

Upgrade your hardware

If you dedicated to those heavy tasks (and experience lagging), the best option is to replace your hardware with better one. You can upgrade your processor and added RAM with bigger speed and size so that your PC can process more data in fast speed. You can sell RAM- Buy Sell Ram here. Although upgrading hardware can solve performance issue, money issue shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hardware is quite expensive and I am sure you don’t want to spend hard earned money just for running certain task that you rarely do. In this case, operating system tweaking is the best choice.

PC case modified


Reduce running programs

Firstly you can reduce windows visual performance so that more ram and processor can be given to manage heavy application. To access Visual Performance, go to My Computer > System Properties > Advanced System Settings. A lot of visual settings that make your PC looks cooler actually isn’t necessary. Why bother about visual interface if you need to suffer performance issue.

Reduce background services

If reducing visual performance alone isn’t enough, considers to reduce the running program. Do you know that for even for tabs that you open in your internet browser costs some memory resources? So take care about what you are running to avoid lagging while doing heavy task. Make sure that online chatting is turned off. The best way to check running program is by viewing the Task Manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Delete).

If you’re still having performance issue after all of those tweaking, try to check your background services and stop unnecessary services such as software updates and printer services. Make sure you don’t just turn off any service randomly as you PC might crash.

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