How to activate MMS and 3G

By in Celcom Broadband on June 26, 2011

How to activate Digi MMS and 3G

  • To activate digi MMS, press *128#

How to activate Maxis MMS and 3G

  • To activate maxis MMS, press *133#

How to activate Celcom 3G and MMS

There are a few steps that you need to do to activate Celcom 3G service. Before proceeding, please make sure that your handset support GPRS or 3G (and Java or MIDP2.0) to use this service.

  • You must first upgrade your Celcom simcard at Celcom centre. Any Celcom centre will do.
  • To activate it, use SMS to request the setting and configuration for 3G. Type SET and send to 20999.
  • Use the setting that you received to install. You can also get the settings and activate 3g by calling their Customer Service.

3G Packages and Rates

Notes: This information might be out of date

With 3G, you can surf the internet faster than GPRS. However you need to make sure that your mobile phones support 3G too. In addition, you need to keep in mind about 3G rates so that you will not be astonished once you used it to surf internet through your mobile phone.

Rates for 3G depending on the type of carrier that you use. Normally, the 3G rates for each carrier is around 10 cent for every 10kb. Yes, this is totally pricey. Even a page of a blog usually needs 50kb. That’s why I prefer to use 3G packages (daily or monthly) if really want to use mobile internet.

Digi 3G rates

After doing some research, I conclude that Digi offered the best rates for 3G. 3G has the default Internet Unlimited Max5 (3G package). By using this package, you can use mobile internet at ease. This is because no matter how much did you use, you only need to pay maximum of RM5. No more than that. However the price of the 3G will slow down if your usage exceed 100mb.

Furthermore you do not need to subscribe with this package. You just need to use the 3G service for 10cent/10kb and the charges will stop once it reach RM5. That’s for daily package.

If you are using Digi Postpaid, you can subscribe for internet Unlimited Monthly 58. The default usage quota for this package is 3GB. After exceed quota, the speed will throttle to 128kbps.


Maxis 3G and Celcom 3G rates

Altough Digi provides good 3G rates, most mobile phone users use Celcom and Maxis. In this case, Celcom is better than Maxis. Maxis daily package is RM8 while Celcom costs only RM6 per day.

You can view the 3G comparison chart between Digi, Celcom and Maxis for daily package (I get the comparison chart at Digi website, so maybe there is a little biased).

What is 3G

Based on Celcom formal website, 3G is like GPRS that using steroid. That means more speed. Cool huh?? Access high speed internet browsing as well as browse exciting content. You could watch blockbuster read up on financial news, and buy or sell on the fly.

Download and listen to your favourite hit song. Catch sports updates as they happen. Or even… get tickled with animated comic strips. Keep tabs on your pregnancy, if you’re to be or an anxious dad.

And it’s all through your 3G mobile phone. Anytime, when you’re on the go

What is MMS

MMS stands for ‘multimedia messaging service’. In contrast to SMS (short message service), phone user can send longer text message than SMS. Besides that, media such as audio, video and images can embedded in the message too.

Nowadays, there is new style of blogging called micro blogging or live blogging. The main idea of live blogging is to send MMS (picture and text) to Flickr, and then Flickr website will handle the MMS message by automatically creating a blog post at your website based on the MMS. This should save you a lot of time in transferring picture. It is not a dream anymore to blog anywhere by using live blogging, even at a place with no internet connection.

How to use mobile phone as modem


Usually mobile phone users use 3G service for mobile internet. However, you can also use 3G to access internet by making your mobile phone as modem. This is extremely useful if you want to access internet by using laptop at a place that do not have wifi.

There are actually a few ways to do this. You can use Bluetooth, USB modem, or USB Cable. For me, I choose USB cable since cable should give more speed compare to bluetooth. Furthermore, I actually do not have bluetooth device.

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