How to activate Celcom 3G

By in Gadget Reviews on September 26, 2012

So, what is 3G?

Based on Celcom formal website, 3G is like GPRS that using steroid. That means more speed. Cool huh?? Access high speed internet browsing as well as browse exciting content. You could watch blockbuster read up on financial news, and buy or sell on the fly.

Download and listen to your favourite hit song. Catch sports updates as they happen. Or even… get tickled with animated comic strips. Keep tabs on your pregnancy, if you’re to be or an anxious dad.

And it’s all through your 3G mobile phone. Anytime, when you’re on the go

Activate Celcom 3G

There are a few steps that you need to do to activate Celcom 3G service. Before proceeding, please make sure that your handset support GPRS or 3G (and Java or MIDP2.0) to use this service.

  • You must first upgrade your celcom simcard at Celcom centre. Any Celcom centre will do.
  • To activate it, use SMS to request the setting and configuration for 3G. Type SET and send to 20999.
  • Use the setting that you received to install. You can also get the settings and activate 3g by calling their Customer Service.

Celcom 3G issue

Of course the speed. I just wonder how long do we need to have speed like foreign country… Either for 3G or streamyx.

Celcom Broadband Special Offer

Voila… We are lucky to be Malaysian. Right now Celcom has offer great broadband package called Broadband SKMM 1Malaysia. This Celcom broadband prepaid is so cheap. Who can believe that for RM25 per month, one can enjoy internet connection for the entire month. Although there is data cap for the prepaid broadband, the user can still use internet. However the speed will reduce a bit.

3 thoughts on “How to activate Celcom 3G

  1. Kristian Kokan

    I have subscribed to Celcom 3G, pay as you use package.

    My disappointment being charge next to nothing for 3G as I had not surf or connect to data for anything yet.

    However I receive a bill of My150+ for GPRS usage which I never subscribe.

    On enquiry, I was told I cannot switch off GPRS and it will automatically connected whensoever I am near a wifi hot spot. Whether I am using it or not is irrelevant. I am even told by celcom staff, others had complaint of the same effect

    I requested the amount to be taken off my bill as i neither subscribe to it or using it. They cannot, telling me that I either be disconnected or summon for Celcom incompetency.

    Logically, I have to either change the telco company, pay and disconnect 3G or as they suggest go for a plan of contract

    In the first place, why do they have the pay as you use contract for me.

    Can i sue them for a breach of contract or rather fraudulent contract, after
    all they knew of the incompetency of their system

    The matter is good for a laugh on Celcom

    since I had change to DiGI


  2. 2

    What a bad experience you had. Since their customers have grown, I am sure a few cases such as yours is unavoidable. Maybe Celcom is not meant for you.

    Hope you enjoy the Digi package. Their prepaid internet is a good deal really. If you subscribe for 3 months, you can enjoy internet at RM 1 per day.

  3. 3

    I called thE careline..they said for 3g settings I gotta call thEm back from another phone cause for smartphone as I need to set it manually. Wtf?

    I have sent sms as u mentioned above and still no response. I’m only switching to celcom cause my employer forced me to. Rubbish