Playing Grim Fandago in windows

By in Entertainment on September 29, 2010

Better graphic technology compare to decade ago has enhanced gaming industry. Nowadays most teenagers never look back to the old games due to poor graphic and compatibility issue. Even though the reasons are solid, some of the olden games still strong in my heart; especially for Grim Fandago.

For those that like journey or adventure games, you are losing something if you never play Grim Fandago. Although you cannot die in this Lucas Arts game, don’t expect this game to be boring since the game play and storyline are top notch.

Since Grim Fandago was designed for Win 98/ME, you might have a little trouble installing this game in Windows XP, Vista or 7. Don’t worry so much as some hardcore coder had provided solution for those compatibility issue.

Here are some guidance to play Grim Fandago in Windows 7.

  1. Install Grim Fandago.
  2. Apply the patch that can be downloaded from Lucas Arts website.
  3. Setup compatibility setting in Windows 7 so that the Grim.exe application use Windows 98/ME compatibility.
  4. If you have sound or graphic problem, you may need to turn off 3D Graphic acceleration from DxDiag.

If you cannot install Grim Fandago at all, consider to use alternative launcher that is created by fan. That launcher also has the ability to keep Grim Fandago files in hard disk so that you don’t need to use CD anymore. Using the launcher, you can also play Grim Fandago in window mode.

Hope you enjoy being Manny Calavera.

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