How to open 4 Google in a tab

By in Website Reviews on December 30, 2009

Sometimes we need to search different keywords by using Google. So we need to open a different tab for each keyword. How about if we can open a few Google websites in a same tab? This would definitely save our time since we can compare of the results at the same time.

google tabs

There is no way to do it? Yes, there is no browser plugin for such trick but you can do it at GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle Dot Com. At the website, there are 4 frames that contains Google websites. That’s why the domain name has 4 repetition of Google.

Furthermore, you can also close one tab so that only 3 Google tabs available.

google tabs 2

Besides Google, you can also go to different website by clicking the green button. So, it is possible for you to browse 4 website in the same tab too.

google tabs 3

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