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google page rank

Google just updated websites Page Rank. For those that never know, Google Page Rank refer to a rank scale from 1 to 10 for every websites or blogs. This Page Rank symbolize how Google view a website according to its importance.

How does Google know whether a blog or a website is important?

  • Google can tell from the amount of links from other URL to our blog. The rational is that if somebody make a link to us, it shows that there is something important at our blog. That’s why blogger keeps exchanging link because they want to increase the number of links to their blog.
  • Since Page Rank is something Google come up with, Google can also give Page Rank according to their own ‘suka hati’. That means, Google can drop your Page Rank by ‘suka hati’ too. Usually a niche blog (blog that focus on one topic) is more easier to get Page Rank than a ‘ rojak’ blog that contains a lot of stuffs in one blog.

How to check Page Rank?

  • I am using Search Status (Mozilla Firefox add-on) that embedded Page Rank and Alexa Rank in Mozilla status bar.
  • Or you can check Page Rank manually at

What you can do with Page Rank?

Some webmasters don’t give a damn about Page Rank. But for me Page Rank seems to affect my ranking in search engine. By having a higher Page Rank, you can easily dominate Google SERP (search engine ranking position). That’s why currently MRR2 can out beat other 30 millions competitor for the competitive keyword “PC Buying Guide” and 90 millions competitor for the keyword “PC Buying Guide 2010”.

Some webmasters would see high Page Rank as an opportunity to earn some decent money from make money program. Yes, there are really some advertisers out there that are willing to pay for more than USD 10 per month just to put their link at high PR website. The higher your Page Rank, the higher revenue you can earn from selling links. However I am not going to give any link because I am afraid Google will detect me as encouraging bloggers to sell links.

If you just want to earn from Nuffnang or Adsense, then you should not bother about Page Rank. Or you can just use Page Rank for self satisfaction.

How to drop your Page Rank?

Google give Page Rank just to show that how importance a website is to them. But somehow some webmasters  misuse it by selling links. That’s why your Page Rank can drop drastically if Google smells that you’re selling links. If you’re lucky, they wouldn’t know. But I believe that Google has a lot of super duper expert engineer that can easily create a script to detect paid links.

Besides that, the laziness to update blog should drop your Page Rank too. Since you’re not updating your blog, Google would see your blog as not importance anymore.

Congratulation to my friends that just show increasing in Google Page Rank. Oh, don’t blame me if your PR drop as the result of selling links.

SororityWay (PR0 to PR1)

You can visit SororityWay if you want to learn some Java language. Oh, I mean the real Jawa language, not Java or Java-script.

AzuanSuhami (PR0 to PR1)

AzuanSuhaimi likes to share something related to inner self improvement and religion.

Sejukz Dot Org (PR0 to PR3)

Wow.. Sejukz even beat me by getting PR3. I am sure this is due to the owner efforts of writing quality contents and smart link building in the past few weeks. You can go to Sejukz if you want to learn some MIRC scripting or graphic design.

Ps: MRR2 page rank still maintain at the same level, that is PR2. It’s hard to get a good PR for quite a ‘rojak’ blog like this. Yesterday I wrote about WordPress, and today I talk about Windows. Really ‘rojak’.

2 thoughts on “Google Page Rank update

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    with regards to selling links on your site, the comluv main page and blog pages have text links and banners which sell for up to 50 dollars a month and it hasn’t had any effect on future page rank. it’s even gone up to 6!

    or maybe I’m lucky? but, my other blog went from 5 to 0 when I installed text link ads but it has since risen to 2 again even with the text links still active.

    I think if you have popular content and it’s unique and up to date then Google will love you no matter what. 🙂
    .-= Andy Bailey´s last blog ..CommentLuv Search Engine Update Coming =-.

  2. 2

    Thanks for the info Andy. At last contents are the most important.

    But I also heard a few cases regarding blogs that were slapped by Google and then need years to get PR again.