How Google doodle supposed to be

By in Website Reviews on February 19, 2010

I am sure you are already aware that sometimes Google change it’s logo (also called as Google doodle) according to certain events or important dates.

Currently, Google is changed it logo so that people aware about Vancouver 2010. For me, what Google did is a good way to increase the awareness among internet user about important dates and even about history. Yes, Google also likes to change it Google doodle to appreciate certain figure.

Usually Google changes the doodle according to event that isn’t related to any company such as Valentine’s Day or New Year. But this times I smell something fishy about this Vancouver 2010. To me, it looks like Google received an amount of money for the Vancouver Google doodle. Perhaps Google doodle is a new type of advertisement at Google.

However it will be great if Google doodle is displayed according to country. Since I am using, isn’t it more appropriate if Google show something related to Malaysia? Nowadays kids and teenagers tend to forget about history. I am sure it will be great if there are Google doodles about important dates in Malaysia history and important person in Malaysia.

I hope there is a day when I can see Tunku Abdul Rahman face as part of Google doodle.

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