Relax your mind at Dusun Eco Resort

By in Uncategorized on December 28, 2009


While surfing the web, I stumble upon Dusun Eco Resort website. This brings back the memory during my secondary school where my school make a study visits to Dusun Eco Resort (in Pahang).

Although I hesitated to go at first since I think that ‘dusun’ should be something bored, however I feel really lucky once I see the beauty and the facilities. If you want a place that you can do a lot of activities, Dusun Eco Resort is the right choice.

titi gantung

Although there are many activities that can be done, we only do several activities because of limited time. The activity that I remember the most is walking on the suspension bridge (also called ‘titi gantung’ in Malay). To be honest, that is the first time I ever walked on a suspension bridge.

Currently, Dusun Eco Resort has improved their quality by adding paintball. If there is a chance, I hope to go there again.

Ps: You can go here to learn more about activities that can be done at Dusun Eco Resort.

Pss: I hope the study visits that I went would have more physical activities than spiritual… Zzzz…


2 thoughts on “Relax your mind at Dusun Eco Resort

  1. Gan Pui Hoong

    can I know about the fees and activities??

  2. 2

    @Gan Pui Hoong, I am not sure about the fees. How about checking out the website to know the details 🙂