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By in Website Reviews on March 11, 2010

Most of us like to read news online. Source for online news such as Hmetro, Utusan, Bharian and TheStar always be the choice to get the latest information and news. Sometimes, it is pain in the ass to check all of the news website since all of the websites contain different information and news.

google news

However, do you know that you can get the latest news using Google? Most of us only use Google for normal searching. They do not even try to bother other Google utility such the ‘news’ button. Using the Google news, we can get the list of latest news from all online news related sites. Furthermore, we can filter it by country and category. This is so that Google users can get the suitable news based on their interests.


  • Do you ever know that Harian Metro, Berita Harian and New Strait Times are from the same company that is News Strait Times Press (NSTP). So it doesn’t really matter which newspaper do you buy since all of them will go to NSTP.
  • Do you know that the profits from selling a newspaper is not more than 5 percent? So, where does the newspaper company get their profits? That’s why we see a lot of advertisement in newspaper. Even quarter page advertisement in a newspaper could cost RM4000.

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