Get data back by using file recovery software

By in Software Reviews on January 1, 2013


Yesterday I talk about how to repair damage partition table by using TestDisk. How about if the solution did not work? What you should do? The best solution here is to recover the files inside the damage partition and make backup for it.

You can use file recovery software to recover files. There are tons of them available but it’s hard to find free file recovery software that works like charm.

Sometimes, it actually best to use specialize software for specific purpose. For example, it’s better to use photo recovery software such Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to recover deleted photos, images, musics, and other media files.

For other non-media file, here I listed a few file recovery software that should help you to find and recover deleted or missing files. File recovery software can also be used to recover files from corrupted flash drive or memory card.

When it comes to photo recovery, my choice will always be Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. Even though there are other recover tools out there that have the same function, Stellar clearly beat them in terms of scanning speed and usability. Up till now, the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery never fail me.

However if you to see other available alternative to Stellar, you can check out these tools.

After you’ve made backup for files inside the damage or missing partition, you can proceed to other solution. At least you already have the backup if something bad happen during fixing process. As the final resort, I suggest you just send it to computer workshop.

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    i have a sandisk 16 gb usb drive. but now it is showing only 100 mb of space. lots of files were there in the drive. but i cant see any of the files now. i tried to recover files using recuva, easy recovery and system mechanic recovery tools. but nothing could find. please help me to recover my files. thanks in advance.