Freelance writing helps study

By in Website Reviews on March 21, 2010

Some college students like to do part time job while studying so they can get extra money or maybe they need money to pay for the education fee. Among the popular part time jobs are by working at food court, fast food restaurant, supermarket, or cyber cafe.

There is no problem to do such part time jobs, but it need hours for you and this might make your studying goes bad. Furthermore, you may end up drowsy in class because of not having enough sleep.

Actually, there is a few part time jobs that can help you in your studying. One of them is by being a freelance writer. In internet, there are a few websites that offer freelance writing. You just need to apply for the freelance writer and write about anything that you like. To help your studying, I suggest that you write about topics that are related to your study. Not only you will understand the topic better, but you will gain extra knowledge while doing research for the topic.

Despite that, you need to keep in mind that it is actually hard to be accepted as part of the freelance team without good English writing skills and grammar. So if you are still in secondary school, it’s not too late to learn English properly so that you can easily accepted as online freelance writer.

Examples of website that you can apply for freelance writer are:

I am sure there are still a lot of websites that need freelance writers. You just need to put an effort to find them.

Besides becoming a freelance writer, you can also find part time job that related to the course that you taken at college. You can easily become a freelancer and find related jobs by registering at a freelancer websites such as or . If you are a IT students, there are a lot of offers regarding IT such as web development or programming. And if you are a engineering students, there is a section solely for engineering. Mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, civil engineering, software engineering and a lot more. However you need to make sure first that your skills are good enough before bidding for freelancing jobs or your clients will lost faith in you if they are not satisfied with your job.

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