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By in Software Reviews on July 1, 2011 seldomly released free Rapidshare premium accounts to its member and user.The accounts are valid for 2 days only and they will not delete the account during the 2 days period.

However, you can still extend the accounts to months by collecting rapidshare premium points. To collect rapidshare premium points, you need to register as member and uploading files at rapidshare. Once somebody download your file, you will earn points for it.

The question is, how to get the free Rapidshare premium accounts?

1. Using RapidCheck tool

free rapidshare premium rapidcheck

RapidCheck is a software that checks if there is any free premium accounts available by .This tool is important so that you will be notified once they released new free Rapidsare premium accounts. This software stay at your system tray and once you see information balloon tip appear at the RapidCheck icon, that’s mean there is account to grab.

Download RapidCheck here.  (Provided by

2. Rapidshare Free Account Notifier


You can also use Rapidshare Free Account Notifier  to be notified instantly when rapidshare premium accounts are released.

By using Rapidshare Free Account Notifier, you can configure it to check manually and program the timer that of course will minimize your pc usage and internet bandwidth. Besides, this tool support proxy and use Gzip compression that of course really fast.

Download Rapidshare Free Account Notifier here.

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