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By in Software Reviews on February 11, 2010

I am sure you already noticed that most of the posts in this blog have at least one image in it. Since embedding image is only optional task, I do not want to spend a lot of time in editing it. That’s why Adobe Photoshop is not my choice since it needs more times to load. Besides that, Adobe Photoshop is not free.

How about Paint? Nah.. Don’t even remind me about that. Paint really lacks functionality and doesn’t satisfy me at all.

After save, snap or print screen a picture, I usually use one of these two free picture editor software for editing tasks. If you are a blogger, these two soft-wares are essential.

IrfanView review

  • Irfan View is really a light weight picture editor. I always use Irfan View to paste and then resize the picture to certain size. The best about Irfan View is that the picture will remain its quality although after resizing.
  • Irfan View also provides effect function so that you can enhance your images by applying effects to them. You can increase the brightness or contrast or remove the red eye from your picture.
  • Furthermore, you can also use Irfan View to rename a lot of files by using Batch Rename tools. Although it is meant for renaming images, I also used it to rename video and other files type.
  • You can go to IrfanView to downlod this picture editor for free.

PhotoScape review

  • PhotoScape is a light weight application too. Compare to Irfan View, Photo Scape offer much more features. If you noticed, some of the images in this blog has conversation balloon. I used PhotoScape to make those images. Usually I only need less than 2 minutes to edit an image. Really fast isn’t it?
  • Photoscape is a must if you want the picture in your blog post to be more attractive and joyful instead of dull one.
  • You can go to Photoscape to download it for free.

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