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By in Website Reviews on March 24, 2010

Decades ago, it was common if somebody did not know what a blog is. But nowadays, people would consider you lame if you still don’t what is a blog. Even some primary school students manage to have their own blog. The term blog actually come from the phrase ‘web log’. Shorten into ‘weblog’ and finally people become more lazy and just called it ‘blog’. That’s a quick history of the word blog.

Blog used to be as an online diary. But that’s the old trend. Now people not only talk about personal life in blog, but there varying it into their interest and also use blog as a business medium. And for certain people, blog is a good medium to get a truth story especially regarding politics. Seeing the power of a blog, even Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim created their one to spread their voice.

Since blog is already accepted as medium to voice opinions, a number of websites have offered free blog hosting service. Thanks to them, now everybody can have free blog without spending a single cent or knowing website languages.

So, feel free to try one of these free blog hosting if you still don’t have a blog. If you know how to use Microsoft Words, I am sure you will have no problem in using the blog editor interface.

Free blog hosting

Once you register with any of the free blog hosting, make sure you take a glance at blog post about blogging for dummies.

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