Fanbox become better

By in Website Reviews on January 9, 2010

Fanbox is a social networking website such as Facebook and Friendster. The only different is that Fanbox collect members that like movies. Based on Google, Fanbox is among the fastest uprising website. However I am sure that it is not because the website is good but due to their spamming activity.

Some internet nerd may mistook that the spam invitation is sent by their friend. This will not be the case for Malay people since it is really rare to see your Malay friend send you an email in English.

As the the world come to the new decade, Fanbox also has become better by sending spam in Malay. I am worry to unsubscribe the Fanbox mail since this will either stop the spam or increase the spam that I receive. This is because they will know that my email is active by unsubscribing.

Beware with Fanbox.

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