Facebook group vs page

By in Website Reviews on February 23, 2010

Facebook without a doubt is really a powerful web application. I have use Friendster before this and I find that Friendster is more into fun but Facebook is different. Although Facebook support a lot of application such as games, there are a few features in Facebook that suitable for organization and corporate. There is professionalism in Facebook especially the Facebook group and fan page.

Facebook group vs page

Firstly, you can create Facebook group here and create fan page at manage Facebook pages. However you need to login into Facebook first before you can see the related pages.

At first, I am very confused about the Facebook group and the fan page. I couldn’t see what is the difference between those two. After trying and experimenting, these are what I concluded.

Facebook page (fan page)

  • Has more SEF url that is liked by search engine
  • Facebook page is indexed by search engine. So there is a high chance that you will get new members/fan from search engine.
  • You can create photo albums. This will make it easier for you to organize photo according to category or event.
  • In fan page, the identity of admin is unknown. When Admin make a wall post, the fan page profile is used instead of Admin Facebook profile. That’s why most actor and actress use fan page instead of group so that they can hide their Facebook profile from fans.

Facebook group

  • Facebook group has better function in managing group members but it lacks several features
  • URL is not SEF enough
  • Facebook group is not indexed by search engine
  • Admin of Facebook group cannot hide their profile. People can visit the Facebook profile of admin easily.
  • Admin and user can do ‘blast’ messaging to invite other Facebook users to join the group

Based on those criteria, now it is up to you whether to create fan page or group. Usually people use Facebook page as fan page while Facebook group for club, society or organization.

Facebook group is indeed an effective way to do marketing. After I created a Facebook group for my faculty, the group receive 40 members within a day and I can easily promote related news and events about my faculty.

You can check MRR2 fan page here. Hope you can join MRR2 in Facebook.

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