Digi WOW awards 2011 review

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It is not Digi Wow actually. The correct words should be Digi WWWOW. I don’t know whose the one that give such a crap name for such amazing awards like this. Instead of Digi WWWOW, I am sure Digi Wow has more impact and cool. One of a tips in choosing a domain name is to get something that is easy to remember and easy to write. Geez.. if there is no advertisement around the blogosphere about the awards, I bet I would never know the Digi Wow website. From this point and onward, let stick with cooler Digi WOW compared to the creepy WWOW. Yeah, I am sure you are confused in pronouncing the word. Just bear with it.

digiWOW logo

So what the awards is about? How much is the reward? How many awards are going to be given? How the awards winner are going to be decided? So much to know isn’t it? Digi WOW awards that is first time organized in 2011 is to celebrate bloggers or webmasters that contribute a lot of stuff within internet. This awards is good and should be an eye opener to the current Malaysian entertainment industry. Usually media only give attention to offline celebrities even though the online celebrities are actually the one who brought the offline celebrities by gossiping and providing related news via their blog.

What Digi Wow is about

For your information, over 16 categories can be choose to enter your blog for this award. For each award, trophies and prizes up to RM5000 is given. That is a bit confusing statement. If you read the statement in one go, looks like each winner will win RM5000. But if you read it again, looks like the RM5000 is for the winners of each category. If a category has three winners, then need to split the money. And if you read the statement for the third time, looks like the prizes is not meant to be money. That’s why it’s called prizes and not cash.

DiGi passionately believes in Internet For All. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or what your point of views are – The Internet has a place for everyone to be themselves. For the first time in Malaysia, we’re celebrating the Internet with the DiGi WWWOW Awards that is by the people and for the people. The choice is in your hands!

Vote for your favourite online movers and shakers. Think you’re one of them too? Then nominate yourself and stand a chance to win awesome prizes!

What is interesting in this Digi Wow awards

The most interesting thing that I find this Digi Wow awards is that the Fave Tech Head category is actually sponsored by Lowyat Net. The sponsors for other categories come from big companies such as Exabytes, MSN, Mas Airlines, and Nuffnang. Thus it is a bit weird for me to find some online forum as a sponsor. Looks like Vijandren Ramadass already made huge fortune through the online forum.

digi wow

Is it worth taking part in this awards

Although the contest is meant for bloggers, I think Digi is the one that profits the most. By organizing this contest, Digi automatically made some online advertisement for free. Two birds in one stone isn’t it? Brand their name among bloggers and get huge exposures among readers. Whether it is worth to participate in this contest really depends on your returning and loyal visitors. If you have a blog with a few returning visitors, I doubt you can win this. Bloggers that already spread their wings through the blogosphere such as Oh Media, Abang Nara, and Ben Ashaari are likely to win a category in this contest. Since there is no ‘unlike’ button in the contest, there are no ways for haters to bring such big name down. If your blog is not that good in terms of traffics, make your way into some low competition category and always direct your vote to just that category.

Finalist for Digi Wow awards 2011

Finally the awards has reached it peak. I am not sure about the finalist for each category yet, but the winners will be announced at the Event Finale on 12 July 2011. I am sure you already notice some Digi Wow advertisement in television. If they can promote this award through television, perhaps we can see the Event Finale live in TV.

According to the organizer, 5,195 entries was submitted while 235,175 have voted. Before I know the statistic, I expect the number to be more than that since I always see bloggers everywhere. Looks like only a percentage of bloggers took part in the contest.

Digi Wow awards 2011 winner

imagePicture: http://amanz.my/2011/07/pemenang-anugerah-internet-digiwwwow-diumumkan/

  • Best Internet For All Idea : A.F.O Radio
  • Best Internet Good Award : Petfinder.my
  • Blogger of the Year : Anwar Hadi
  • Fave Malaysian Female Online Celebrity : Stacy
  • Fave Malaysian Male Online Celebrity : Nicholas Teo!
  • Fave Person Over 40 : Brandjontan
  • Fave Person Under 15 : Let It Be
  • Fave Tech Head : The Techno Hut
  • Must-Follow Personality : Anwar Hadi
  • Online Shop Of The Year : Karysma Beads and Sequins
  • Online Story Of The Year : Suzuki AFF Cup
  • Picture Of The Year : Beautiful White Orchid
  • Top Kay Poh : Lee Zi Wen
  • Top LOL : BlogSerius
  • Top Makan-Makan Expert : OhMalaysia
  • Video of The Year : Anwar Hadi

Among the title that interest me is the blogger of the year that is Anwar Hadi. I have seen some of his videos in YouTube before. His videos are great and contains lots of thought. I believe Anwar Hadi is the best candidate for the Video of The Year award. Somehow I believe someone else has done better job in blogging and can be a better Blogger of The Year. But that’s what happened when the winner is solely based on voting.I am sure the results will be better if Digi manually filter each finalist to ensure that only quality blogs are enlisted for the award.

On the other hand, Digi Wow Awards has done a good job in bringing talented blogger to the eyes of Malaysian internet users.

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