Dell computer

By in Computer Guide, Website Reviews on March 2, 2010

Who do not know Dell, a big name in computer related business. Talk about Dell, he actually start his business while in college. At the time, computer set is still new to society. Not many people who can install computer by their own. Looking at this chance, Dell start his business at small scale. He buy computer parts at cheap prices and then he installed all of the parts into complete PC by himself. That’s just the start. Now Dell has their own model of computers and parts (such as Dimension Memory and Dimension RAM).

I believe a lot people should find Dell price is among the best price available in buying PC. Two years ago, my friend bought himself a set of Dell computer. The price is affordable and the spec is really awesome. A lot of big companies also preferred Dell computer as their server. This is nothing to be surprised since Dell computer is said to be top notch in reliability and performance.

Despite a powerful computer, user still need to know that computer memory (RAM) plays a major role in a delivering computer performance and efficiency. Dimension Memory Upgrade might be a good choice to find suitable ram especially ram that related to server computer. Not only for Dell, but for other platforms too. No matter how powerful a computer is, the performance will be bad if the memory size and speed isn’t suit to the processor speed.

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