Larger computer memory doesn’t mean faster

By in Computer Guide on July 3, 2011

I have a friend who is quite rich. He likes to mod his pc and last week he just added another 2GB of computer ram into his motherboard making them 4GB total. He thinks that more speed means faster performance and that’s only half true.

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What is the function of computer ram?

When we open a program, our cpu will use some memory that is what we called memory usage. You can view your memory usage by going to task manager (ctrl + alt + del).

For me, I have 1GB of ram and only use xp. For my maximum usage, it only take around 750MB from my memory. So 250MB still free. So why do I need to bother to add my computer ram for larger memory?

Then why my computer shows slow performance?

I think you all need to understand that larger memory doesn’t mean faster performance however when your memory is not enough, let say you have 512MB memory but you use 650MB… from where the 138MB come from?

If you use windows 98, perhaps your pc will get hanged but windows ME, XP and Vista is different. Those version of OS have virtual memory so that when your physical memory is not enough, some of your hard drive space will be used as memory (that’s called virtual memory).

As the result of some of the hard disk space is used for virtual memory, your pc will turn slower since the your hard disk need to do more job. SSDĀ vs HDD reliability should be also considered.

REMEMBER that extra memory will not make your pc faster but not enough memory will slower your pc.

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How do I know when to add my computer memory?

Simple. Just do your daily tasks and open the task manager to see your free memory. If your free memory is still much, do not bother to add them.

Then, what things that affect the pc performance?

To make your system faster, consider to choose faster processor. Choosing processor is important because you can’t add your processor like adding rams.

In task manager, processor is stated in percent. You can know which software or tasks that use a lot of your performance by checking at CPU usage. If you are using windows xp, you can increase the performance of a tasks by setting their priority at the task manager. Just right click the application you want and go to Set Priority.

One things to remember, your system might hang when your CPU usage goes to 100 percent. To overcome this, new type of processors that support double cores is made. For AMD it is AMD x2 dual core and for INTEL it is INTEL Dual Core and Core 2 Duo. Using two cores, one core can be used to stabilize the operating system and another core is used for other tasks such as converting video and 3D modelling.

This is favourite question about computer ram, between 512MB ddr400 and 1GB ddr333, which one is faster?

If you already read the article above, you should know that the size that is 512MB and 1GB only resemble to the maximum capacity of tasks you can do. The speed is depends on the type of ram. 400 means 400MHz and 333 means 333MHz so it is obvious that ddr400 is faster.

One thing to be remember, if you have 512MB ddr400 and adding another 512MB ddr400, the memory size will increase to 1GB but the speed will remain the same.

However, if you add ddr400 with ddr333, the speed will follow the speed of ddr333 that is 333 MHz.

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    aku pkai SDRAM
    lagi haru
    kalau nak upgrade cekik darah….
    .-= KampungBoy´s last blog ..Tunjukkan Sokongan Anda. Bantulah Chenat =-.

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    I agree !! Although I had buy a 2Gb Ram for my laptop but still snail like 1Gb Ram before .. Just faster 0.1sec when launching game (=.=)” ..
    .-= eldy´s last blog ..Gua terpaksa "tak kenalkan" kamu =-.

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    Yes, larger ram is important for gaming since game needs to load a lot of files. So, if the file can be save in memory, it will save a lot of time to retrieve it.