Computer ram tutorial

By in Computer Guide on July 2, 2011


  • motherboard can’t support every type of ram because different motherboard has different number of pin.
  • that’s why you need to know what type of ram your motherboard supports before buying.

Type of ram:

  • So-dimm (use in laptop, smaller than dimm)
  • Dimm (use in desktop)

Dimm type:

(1) Sdram (old type pc system)

  • can be categorised into PC100 and PC133.
  • has 168 pin.

(2) Ddr Sdram (also known as DDR1)

  • has 184 pin
  • can be categorised into PC1600 (DDR200), PC2100 (DDR266), PC2700 (DDR333), and PC3200(DDR400). 

(3) DDR2 Sdram (known as DDR2)

  • the new type of ram
  • has 240 pin
  • faster than ddr and sdram.
  • can be categorized into PC4200 (DDR533), PC5300 (DDR667), and PC6400 (DDR800).

How to check what type of ram you motherboard support?

(1) You need to know what model of motherboard you use:

-You can use cpu-z software to know about your motherboard. Download it here.

(2) Go to this link :

  • select your motherboard manufacture (ex: asus/biostar/abit) in the ram category.
  • On the next page, choose the series number of your motherboard.
  • Ta daa… the next page will list the suitable ram for you.

ECC support:

  • ECC type of ram actually is used in server however there are some motherboard that support ram of ECC type.
  • You can know whether your motherboard support ECC or not at web page.
  • It will state ECC in the result if ECC support and non-ECC if not supported.

Ram issue:

  • Knowadays most motherboard supported DDR2 type rams.
  • So most manufactures have stopped publishing their DDR and SDRAM.
  • As the result, the price of DDR and SDRAM is far much higher than DDR2 although DDR2 is many time faster.

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