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By in Computer Guide on August 31, 2010

hye every one.. it’s been a while rite.. I’m so sorry because I’m too busy lately with the university registration. After all,  I have something to share with you. Here, the very basic and the most simple things in computing. But, it’ll help a lot to recognize which is the most important for anyone who is plan to buy computer partly. If you have a computer already and just need your computer repaired in Brisbane? Home Computer Tech can help you. After doing some research and reading I found that there are 5 most important component in a computer system which three of them are vital. Let me list down all five component before we go through it one by one.

1. Motherboard (MOBO) / Mainboard

2. Memory

3. Power Supply Unit (PSU)

4. Hard disk (HDD)

5. Peripherals.

Let’s take a look of the first component which is motherboard or simply called MOBO. Most of us call it a heart/brain of a computer which help do all the process. Actually I combining processor(cpu) with MOBO and call it one component since processor sit directly on MOBO. You can find it two different things later. A matter of simplification, just take it as one. The cpu will do all the needed process and can be a part of your computer upgrades if you want it to function faster and smoother. cpu contain 3 component which are control unit (CU), Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and register. Beside that, MOBO consist of Basic input/output system (BIOS). BIOS is the initial software before load the operating system (OS). Without BIOS, the computer won’t know what to do.(we will discuss bout BIOS later on). MOBO is also important for data send/receive purpose. MOBO consists of a web of busses from/to storage or else for the data send/receive. MOBO also consists of HUB which work as a house to many other peripheral devices like mouse, printer and monitor.

The second and vital component of a computer is memory. There’s a lot of memory to be covered, but let’s focus on this one, the most important memory called Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM is one form of data storage of documents done in pdf to word converter and normally recognized as a primary storage. RAM temporarily stores files & information that it can pull at random when running program or applications. Together with CPU, RAM determines the computer speeds. All data and information stored in RAM will be deleted when the power off.

Power Supply Unit (PSU) is the most important part of computer components. Without PSU, RAM can’t function and the same goes to other components. PSU itself supply the sufficient power and energy to make the computer work significantly. There are several type of PSU available in the market depends on your computer needs. There is a huge different between US power supply and europe-asia which differ from its hertz and so on.(none of your bussiness.hehe…)

The later part is Hard Disk (HDD). Hard disk is the most popular secondary storage. This huge and well-known storage can save the data even the power turn off. This particular function makes it very significant for the storage purpose and even to store the operating system. All data and applications will be save in it so that it can be regenerate later. Nowadays, HDD supplier compete to make their hard disk huge for storage and fast for retrieving data. There are several type of HDD available in market which determine by its product name and size. As i know it approx 1 TB for the external hard disk. Click https://www.backblaze.com/blog/backing-up-for-small-business/ for more info.

Last but not list is a peripheral devices. All of this devices help a lot in data input and output. Let’s take keyboard, it’s very usable to key in data. The monitor or LCD use to display an output. There are many other devices categorized as a peripheral devices. GO check on google. hehe..

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That’s it..hope to see u later..daa….a

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