Celcom Broadband prepaid, RM25 per month

By in Celcom Broadband on October 31, 2012

For the entire 2012, Celcom has offer great promotion and valuable features for their broadband packages. However, hearing the price RM25 per month for Celcom prepaid internet sounds quite ridiculous.

However with Celcom Broadband SKMM prepaid internet, you can really get an internet connection for a whole month just by spending RM25. Although there is no limit to the internet connectivity, there is still bandwidth quota allocated for the SKMM broadband. However you can still enjoy internet connection after achieving limit, but the speed will drop significantly.

celcom prepaid internet


Although the the Celcom Broadband prepaid SKMM is cheap, but the limited quota make it not suitable for heavy internet user. Don’t assume you can use this prepaid broadband to play online gaming for a whole month. Don’t assume you can watch hundred of Youtube videos before achieving limit.

For heavy internet user, it is better to get a Streamyx or P1 Wimax internet connection. Both of them maybe a bit expensive but provide more bandwidth quota compared to the RM25 per month SKMM prepaid broadband.

If you think that you are not a heavy internet user, and seldom use the internet, then this package is clearly for you. Having an internet connection to check Facebook and updating your status are not that heavy. Just don’t try to upload lot of pictures in your Facebook. Uploading pictures may eat your internet bandwidth quite easily.

Once the SKMM sim card approached bandwidth quota, you can actually do a few tricks to bypass the speed limit. But the tips and tricks always become obsolete pretty quick. This is nothing to be shocked since Celcom has good engineers in variety of fields. If someone find a loop hole to bypass the speed limit, they will try their best to cover the hole. Among the famous technique to bypass SKMM broadband speed limit is by using pinging method and VPN usage (virtual private network).

I will explained more about bypassing the broadband speed later.

Meet you till then.


Celcom First Conversation review

As a head of new improvements, Celcom First Conversation is a impressive technique that’s always a stage ahead, one that locations you at an advantages. When you sign up with us, you are assured with complete control, relaxation, issue and no less than the best – in our exclusive costs, amazing program fantastic, the biggest security and more. Celcom Online is Malaysia’s No.1 Mobile Online Organization, with 857,000 associates truly. The high speed internet system protects 71% of Malaysia populated areas.

Celcom Online was provided the popular Snowfall & Sullivan’s Mobile Online Organization for two years.For two years now, we’ve been granted the famous Snow & Sullivan’s Cellular High speed internet Provider. We hold this prize close to our minds and hearts as it is a testimony of our initiatives in consistently improving our quality of services. As Malaysia’s No.1 mobile broadband, we offer you the greatest coverage (over 71% of Malaysia’s inhabited areas), cost-effective programs and most of all, a dedicated customer support.


Celcom has customized their Celcom High speed internet on the internet with the product new first Information Postpaid with 4 primary programs under its wing: En aning, Main, Enhance, Pro for PC and Tablet.

Unlike the Celcom First Discussion cellular postpaid strategy which was a finish modifying of their assistance and expenses, Celcom First Information looks to be just a rebranding execute out, with the same 4 programs provided in Celcom High speed internet on the internet now provided with Celcom First Information.

Is First Information competitive? Well, about as aggressive as the old Celcom High speed internet on the internet programs were, since there is no actual change. Check Celcom website for complete info.

Choose from our wide variety of cost-effective broadband programs. Whether you are an informal web browser looking to save, or a smart business owner who needs connection 24 / 7, you will find your ideal plan here. So act fast, check out our programs now!

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