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By in Celcom Broadband on September 27, 2012

Celcom and Maxis are some of the big name among the company that provide good broadband package for an affordable price. Both are good in their own way. Although there are a lot of hot debate in determining the brand with the fastest and steady speed, the results actually differ based on location and other criteria.

If for certain reason you prefer Celcom broadband, here are some great promotion and plan pricing available.

Standard Celcom Broadband package

Here is the standard broadband plan for Celcom. You can choose to use Celcom Broadband Lite, Celcom Broadband Basic, Celcom Broadband Advance, or Celcom Broadband Pro.

If you are a music lover, it is a good idea to grab the Advance package as you can get 12 months access to Music Cube for FREE. Furthermore, RM98 per month for a 6GB data quota is a no brainer. With the speed of 3.6Mbps which is equivalent to 450KBps, you can download a 5 MB MP3 song in around 10 seconds. If you hear the song using online stream, I bet you will not experience any lagging or buffering at all (as long as you don’t press the forward button to jump).

Please be aware that the price below might be obsolete and thus differs from the current price. Thus make sure that you pay a visit to Celcom website to get latest price and promotion.

celcom plan package 2012

Celcom Broadband iPad Basic

  • Using this plan, you only need to pay RM70 per month for internet connectivity. For this package, you will get 4.5 GB monthly bandwidth. If you are not a heavy internet user, this plan package is already enough. Even the bandwidth quota has achieved the 4.5GB limit, you can still access the internet but the speed will be throttled to 128kbps.
  • To get this plan, you need to pay RM270 upfront payment for 12 month plan. Or you can opt for 24 month plan to get even cheaper monthly price. Instead of paying RM540 for 2 years, you only need to pay RM470 if you opt for 24 month plan. Wow, that is quite a huge bargain. You just save RM70. Means free internet connection for a month.
  • Although you can still access the internet once the speed limit is reached, it can be troublesome to wait for a page to finish loading. You might also having some trouble to chat online using Facebook or Yahoo Messenger. For such case, you can opt for additional quota rate to top up some bandwidth into your Celcom broadband. The quota rate start from 500MB to 5GB. To top 500MB bandwidth, you need to pay RM10. For 1.5GB bandwidth, you need to pay RM15. And for 5GB bandwidth, you need to pay RM50. The topup bandwidth will be valid for 30 days period. So make sure you use the internet to the fullest or your money will be wasted.

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