Check Celcom Broadband coverage in Malaysia

By in Celcom Broadband on September 26, 2012

Having a mobile internet connection is very important for most people. Especially for those that use to do business at all part of Malaysia. To do well in business or job, having an internet connection is pretty important.

That’s why before doing any meeting with your client, it is a good idea to check the connectivity of internet connection in the area. Knowing that, lot of entrepreneurs have been using Celcom Broadband since it is known for the fast speed and has huge coverage in Malaysia.

To check the coverage for Celcom broadband is pretty easy. You only need to go to this page and enter certain information such as postcode or street address. Then the system will tell you whether the location is covered by Celcom or not.

broadband coverage

Above is the website for the broadband coverage checker. You can see several text form that you can fill on such as point of interest, street name, area name, and also state. Sometimes the name of a city can exist in several locations. For example, you can find Sungai Dua in Penang and Sungai Dua in Seberang Perai. To check the coverage for the correct area, it is a good idea to choose the exact state instead of choosing all.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the coverage for your Celcom broadband before doing any meeting with your client. Who knows you might need to use internet connection while dealing with your client.

Even Celcom themselves boasting all around the world that they are the telecommunication company in Malaysia with the widest coverage. Check out the Youtube video below to see a TV commercial about Celcom territory. Celcom is everywhere, whether in Sungkai, or even across the sea such as Penang.

PS: I love the theme song. Nicely compose.

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