If you are like me and use Yahoo mail as your primary email service, I am sure you will have a hard time once Yahoo mail are not working according to what you expect. The problems can be in different areas. Maybe Yahoo mail is not working on your iPhone, Mac, Galaxy S3, Linux, Windows 7, or desktop PC.

However is the main reason that cause Yahoo to not working is always the same? Or it depends on the type of device and operating system that you are using?

yahoo mail not working

Actually those problems usually occur depends on location. I am pretty sure Yahoo mail has several server to store the database of each user account. Since the database is too big, probably they have several datacenter located in different country.

When something happen on the specific datacenter, the user accounts stored in the datacenter will have trouble to access their Yahoo Mail or to perform certain mailing tasks.

However there are also certain Yahoo mail related problems that only occur on specific device.

Yahoo mail not working on Galaxy S3

  • No incoming message received
  • Could not send new message anymore
  • System tell “Log In Failed” when user try to send new email message

To solve this issue, Galaxy S3 user need to download latest Yahoo Mail application and then go to Settings > Application Manager > All Tab > Clear Data and Clear Cache. Using Yahoo Mail application will enable you to use Yahoo Mail correctly but it still won’t help in fixing the real problem of the Yahoo Mail on your browser. However that’s fine I guess as long as you can send and receive mail correctly. You can consider this as a working temporary solution.

Yahoo mail not working on iPhone 5

  • Cannot verify Yahoo Mail password after restoring from iPhone 4
  • Yahoo website keeps saying server unavailable

When a problem occur only on one device and not other device, that means something is wrong on the device. This has nothing to do with Yahoo Mail server. So the best choice is always to reinstall related application.

Before doing a clean install, you may want to turn off the smartphone and wait for a few minutes before turning it on again. Sometimes doing this is already enough to make the email functioning again.

Another good method that you can try to fix the problem is by deleting the mail account and create a new one or by using Private Browsing in Safari. Click here for details.

The most important thing here is to not fret if your Yahoo Mail suddenly not working. Try all of the solutions that I tell above one by one and you will hit a working solution.

PS: I just read a latest news on Web Pro News that Yahoo will be shutting down instant messaging function in Yahoo Mail Classic. So you no longer can chatting with our friend through email.

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