Recently, I noticed that I can get twitter results in Google listing for certain keywords. The twitter results will show any conversation in Twitter that contains the related keywords.

As an example, you can try to search the keword ‘sherlock holmes‘ using Google and see the twitter results in action. The light blue colour below shows the Twitter conversation that contains the keyword ‘Sherlock Holmes’.

google twitter

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3d pictures illussion

When I was kid, my brother bought a book that contains 3D illusion of Casper. The picture is like an abstract image but if you focus closely to the picture, suddenly the picture will become blur and then an image suddenly pop out of the picture, revealing the 3D illusion image.

If you see the abstract picture above using the correct technique, you should see a Saturn planet pop out from the picture. I still wonder if there is any kind of software to easily do this. 

new yahoo mail 2

I have a hard time using Yahoo mail before because I cannot find the button to delete all of my inbox in a go. However, once I moved to the new Yahoo mail, all of my messages is sort in one page. Making it easier to download more than 1000 messages in a click.

Furthermore, I feel easier to read mail using the new Yahoo mail because I do not need to change window to read new mail or pressing back button to access another messages.

However, the new Yahoo mail seems to use quite a lot of resource cost I feel a little lagging during access.

new yahoo mail

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Do you like korean drama? I am sure most of you are. The reason I like korean drama is because they know how to cheer a drama with songs and melody. I really like how the songs is blending in Korean drama such as My Girl, Witch Yoo Hee, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and Cinderella Man.

Watch Korean Drama online

You can watch korean drama online at MySoju website. Although this website looks really simple, the visitors are very high. Who will guess that such website could rank below 5000 in Alexa with just online Korean Drama as the main purpose.

Besides that, MySoju never host the drama itself. They just link the video from other video hosting sites such as youtube, dailymotion and metacafe.

mysoju watch drama online

Enjoy high quality original Korean Drama with your friends

Don’t let the slow streaming and low quality ruin your mood

Watch on home TV and relax on sofa without any buffer

first step picture

Hot Korean DVD offer

I know a lot of Korean drama fans love MySoju because we can watch the latest episode of any Korean drama. Usually it takes time for a Korean drama to be aired in national TV. However once the DVD version is out, we should show our support by buying the original one.

If you feel that buying something that you already watch is a waste, you can choose to buy Korean music collection. Some of the collection is rare and hard to find. You can grab this chance to show off the music collection to your K-fan friends.

For 2011, these DVD are among the hottest deal that you can get for Korean music.


 jejung picture   super junior latest pic

Enjoy high quality original Korean Drama with your friends

Don’t let the slow streaming and low quality ruin your mood

Watch on home TV and relax on sofa without any buffer

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laptop batteries

Most people use laptop for convenience. We can take laptop everywhere even during traveling. However, once the laptop battery becomes weak, the laptop lose its main purpose.

Instead of buying a new laptop, we can save a lot money by buying the battery for the laptop only. However, this is hard to be done since it is quite difficult to choose the correct appropriate battery for a laptop. Once, my friend need to search a whole town just to find the correct battery for his laptop.

Lucky, by using PortableComponentsForAll you can find laptop battery easily. With their complete

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I am not so expert in English, so writing a blog in English is quite a hard task for me. Especially when I need to think about the exact word that need to be used in a post or article.

That’s why I always open an online dictionary; while I am writing in English. This dictionary is great because it’s not only giving the translation of the word that we type but also give other translation for the something that related to the word.

BI to BM translation

kamus online

BM to BI translation

bm bi kamus online

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For your information, I’m an ‘otaku Manga’. Although I love to read manga, but I rarely watch anime. (Probably,  anime is slower than manga). If you’re the one who got the same interest like me, you must wonder where I get resources to read the latest manga. For me, is the best place to read manga online.

1. Onemanga has the latest episode for one piece, Naruto and Eyeshield manga.

for surely there are many more webpage can be used to read manga online but only in Onemanga only you can get hottest manga like One Piece, Naruto, and Eye shield 21. Most of the websites there have the following manga, but not all up-to-date as OneManga.

2. Onemanga take care of its readers.

How Onemanga get ‘income’ through this site? Certainly with Adsense. Imagine for reading online, you need to click next to be redirect to the next page. And imagine if an episode of the manga has 20 pages, how much money can be obtained through CPM (cost per thousand impressions)?

Quite impressive right? 

I have heard many people say that Bing Dot Com is Google nearest competitor. And I also heard many people say that Bing provide more accurate results than Google.

So, I try to use Bing and truly amazed by its results.

I use Bing to search for “MRR2” keyword and below is what amazed me.

how to use bing

Description about my blog

Before this, I am writing a lot about soccer. Maybe that’s the reason Bing describe my site with those niche. However, the really amazing this is Bing can show you detail description about the site by hovering  your mouse at the desired result.

Accurate Related Links

Bing also provide accurate related links below the detail description. Just see at the picture. Since Bing described my blog as sports and soccer, it only provided the links to my post that related to those niche.

What are you waiting for? Submit your site to Bing now.


People upload thousand of files in rapidshare but we would not know what files available unless the user provide the link to his upload.

With these Rapidshare search engines, you can search all the available files at Rapidshare.


However, Rapidshare often deleted illegal files but most of these Rapidshare search engines will still show it in their results.

Besides, privacy issue will occur too. For example, you uploaded a file that you just want to give it to your son. Rapidshare is the choice because you can upload large file at high speed. However, other Rapidshare search engine’s user may stumble across your uploaded file and download it.

Let’s say that you are in urgent and you need to use PDF to Word Converter immediately without having to find the installer and install it. Or, you are in a cyber cafe that restrict the customers from installing new software.

convert pdf to word

This website will really help you. You can convert your file on the fly via this website.

Besides, they also provided:

  • PDF to text converter
  • PDF to image converter
  • PDF to HTML converter
  • text to PDF converter

However, if you think that you need the software of PDF to word converter to be install in your PC, you can do so by downloading the file here.

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