Who do not know Dell, a big name in computer related business. Talk about Dell, he actually start his business while in college. At the time, computer set is still new to society. Not many people who can install computer by their own. Looking at this chance, Dell start his business at small scale. He buy computer parts at cheap prices and then he installed all of the parts into complete PC by himself. That’s just the start. Now Dell has their own model of computers and parts (such as Dimension Memory and Dimension RAM).

I believe a lot people should find Dell price is among the best price available in buying PC. Two years ago, my friend bought himself a set of Dell computer. The price is affordable and the spec is really awesome. A lot of big companies also preferred Dell computer as their server. This is nothing to be surprised since Dell computer is said to be top notch in reliability and performance.

Despite a powerful computer, user still need to know that computer memory (RAM) plays a major role in a delivering computer performance and efficiency. Dimension Memory Upgrade might be a good choice to find suitable ram especially ram that related to server computer. Not only for Dell, but for other platforms too. No matter how powerful a computer is, the performance will be bad if the memory size and speed isn’t suit to the processor speed.

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Facebook without a doubt is really a powerful web application. I have use Friendster before this and I find that Friendster is more into fun but Facebook is different. Although Facebook support a lot of application such as games, there are a few features in Facebook that suitable for organization and corporate. There is professionalism in Facebook especially the Facebook group and fan page.

Facebook group vs page

Firstly, you can create Facebook group here and create fan page at manage Facebook pages. However you need to login into Facebook first before you can see the related pages.

At first, I am very confused about the Facebook group and the fan page. I couldn’t see what is the difference between those two. After trying and experimenting, these are what I concluded.

I am sure you are already aware that sometimes Google change it’s logo (also called as Google doodle) according to certain events or important dates.

Currently, Google is changed it logo so that people aware about Vancouver 2010. For me, what Google did is a good way to increase the awareness among internet user about important dates and even about history. Yes, Google also likes to change it Google doodle to appreciate certain figure.

Usually Google changes the doodle according to event that isn’t related to any company such as Valentine’s Day or New Year. But this times I smell something fishy about this Vancouver 2010. To me, it looks like Google received an amount of money for the Vancouver Google doodle. Perhaps Google doodle is a new type of advertisement at Google.

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I am sure a lot of you know these popular websites, but do you ever know whether the websites have their own offices or buildings? If the websites are very popular, I am sure there should be offices somewhere to handle the websites.

Google office

Who do not know Google. The top search engine right now. If you really do not know what is Google, you don’t deserve to live in this virtual world. Even I will tell people to “Google it” although I only mean for him to use search engine. Google has offices in many countries but I am not sure about Malaysia. There is rumor that said Google is going to set up an office in Malaysia.

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Do you want to enhance photo and applying effects but you don’t have the skill? You have nothing to worry because you can get a lot of cool effects at PicJoke. You do not need to learn Adobe Photoshop or PhotoScape. By using PicJoke, you can have the chosen picture to be enhanced in few seconds.

I am sure some of your friends can confuse whether the picture is real or using picture editing software since the results look so good. Perhaps they even think that you edit the picture by yourself. Wow, you just earned a credit for nothing.

By using PicJoke effects in blogging, a blog post will look more attractive and fancy. I’ve tried PicJoke effects on a logo and you can see the results below. Cool huh?

5 easy steps to start blogging by using wordpress…

Start blogging by using wordpress..?? what an easy task actually…who want to know bout this..? start blogging by using wordpress is one of the most simple things in blogging. But after giving a hard thought about it, I think this post is still relevant. Imagine, how much baby was born in last decades. It also represents the new baby within 2 billion internet users who was born without any knowledge about blog and start to rising up. This post totally a quick preview for someone who really want to start a blog but don’t have enough knowledge to do so. Hope this post will be a kick start for you to share anything with other through internet or even be the best blog-master ever.

A friend of mine decided to upgrade his LCD monitor. I don’t sure why he want big LCD, perhaps he want more satisfaction in playing games. Oh, imagine playing ‘dota’ and ‘Counter Strike’ by using 22 inch monitor. Of course you can detect your enemies easily. No wonder I suck at gaming since I am only using 15 inch LCD.

There is a lot of website that enable you to sell your belongings online. My friend had tried Lelong but he claimed Lelong is not user friendly enough. Lelong has a lot of features such as bidding and buy now however there is a lot of requirement to do that. You need to verify your account and you also need to have credits in Lelong to use those features. Just for selling a LCD, it is not worth to put a lot of time in it. So Lelong is not a good choice.

Sometimes, you need more than one email ID. Maybe you need an account for friends and another account for business purpose. However do you know that you can have 2 yahoo email ID but using the same mail box?

This feature in Yahoo mail really help me. Originally, I have an email account that are using weird nickname. In my opinion such nickname is not suitable for education purposes. Thanks to Yahoo mail.  I can have extra email ID without the need to register for new accounts.

Fanbox is a social networking website such as Facebook and Friendster. The only different is that Fanbox collect members that like movies. Based on Google, Fanbox is among the fastest uprising website. However I am sure that it is not because the website is good but due to their spamming activity.

Some internet nerd may mistook that the spam invitation is sent by their friend. This will not be the case for Malay people since it is really rare to see your Malay friend send you an email in English.

As the the world come to the new decade, Fanbox also has become better by sending spam in Malay. I am worry to unsubscribe the Fanbox mail since this will either stop the spam or increase the spam that I receive. This is because they will know that my email is active by unsubscribing.

Beware with Fanbox.

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Sometimes we need to search different keywords by using Google. So we need to open a different tab for each keyword. How about if we can open a few Google websites in a same tab? This would definitely save our time since we can compare of the results at the same time.

google tabs

There is no way to do it? Yes, there is no browser plugin for such trick but you can do it at GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle Dot Com. At the website, there are 4 frames that contains Google websites. That’s why

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