I am quite a big fan of Rey Mysterio since he has many skills and he can fight against opponent that is more bigger than him.

However, Rey Mysterio was unmasked at extreme rules on 7 June 2009 by chris jericho. This is a total shock for me. I feel angry at Chris Jericho however maybe Rey Mysterio already agree for this scene. And of course this will make a good story line for the wrestling show.

Maybe this incident will become the metamorphosis for Rey Mysterio. Just like Kane, maybe Mysterio will become an entire person after he is unmasked.



Ps: Actually this is not the first time Rey Mysterio is unmasked. Besides, he also didn’t wear mask during WCW.

hye.. It’s me again. Last time i wrote about WordPress is the easy step to have a wordpress blog’s account.(read-article) So now i assume that you already have your own blog. Today i would like to share with you te easiest way to customize your blog so that it’ll be neat and well-structured.

Here’s the idea,  how to add theme, change background and header. For someone who is familiar with social networking, well-acquainted with marketing peripherals and hubspot competitors, changing theme, background and header won’t be a difficult task.  For this to make sense, I divide it to three part which every part explain each of the style briefly.


  1. Sign in/log in to your own WordPress account so that and directly go to the dashboard of the blog.
  2. At the left side of the dashboard part you’ll find various selection. Under ‘Appearance’ you will find theme selection. Click on theme.
  3. Choose from the available theme offered.
  4. Preview any theme that touch your heart and feeling.
  5. Don’t forget to click ‘save changes’ when you’re done.

WordPress is usually used as a blogging medium. Despite that, you can also do some change at your WordPress blog so that it will look more like a website. Believe it or not, some web designers prefer to use WordPress as website platform for their client. The reason is simple, WordPress is easy to work with and almost anyone can learn how to use WordPress without much hassle.

If you think that WordPress site looks like a blog, then there are 2 reasons of that. First is the theme that the site use, and another one is the plugin. If you use normal looking WordPress theme, without a doubt it would look like a blog. And if don’t use certain plugin, your WordPress blog would be lacking on features.

You can install these plugins so that your WordPress blog can behave more as a CMS rather than blogging tools. Organize Series can let you organize content according to group. It’s good if you have posts that are related to each other. Custom post template can let you use different layout template for the post that you want. This is good if you want certain post to have certain feels or functions than the others. Categories Layout let you specify the layout for each categories.There are lot more plugins that you can try. By using proper themes and plugins, Worpress blog can be turned into a CMS website easily.

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google page rank

Google just updated websites Page Rank. For those that never know, Google Page Rank refer to a rank scale from 1 to 10 for every websites or blogs. This Page Rank symbolize how Google view a website according to its importance.

How does Google know whether a blog or a website is important?

  • Google can tell from the amount of links from other URL to our blog. The rational is that if somebody make a link to us, it shows that there is something important at our blog. That’s why blogger keeps exchanging link because they want to increase the number of links to their blog.
  • Since Page Rank is something Google come up with, Google can also give Page Rank according to their own ‘suka hati’. That means, Google can drop your Page Rank by ‘suka hati’ too. Usually a niche blog (blog that focus on one topic) is more easier to get Page Rank than a ‘ rojak’ blog that contains a lot of stuffs in one blog.

Google is indeed an interesting search engine. Last night I try to search the keyword ‘how to’ and the I saw a search box from ehow.com display along the Google listing.

This is something interesting for me and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this. Thinking that Ehow has their own search box in Google listing, Wikipedia should has too.

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Piala Malaysia isn’t like EPL that has a lot of fans. There are many website that publish live updates of English Premier League. Compare to EPL, Piala Malaysia is not attractive enough.

Based on Alexa ranking, I assume that current Malaysian prefer gossips and politics compare to national sports. For those who still do not know, Alexa is a website that rank all websites in the world. Low rank means higher traffics.

Based on Alexa ranking, the highest ranking for website about Malaysia football is Harimau Malaya; a forum for ‘Malaysian Bola Maniac’. Compare to gossips and politics blogs that rank below 100’000 in Alexa, Harimau Malaya only rank 300’000. However I am sure this number will continue to

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While surfing the web, I stumble upon Dusun Eco Resort website. This brings back the memory during my secondary school where my school make a study visits to Dusun Eco Resort (in Pahang).

Although I hesitated to go at first since I think that ‘dusun’ should be something bored, however I feel really lucky once I see the beauty and the facilities. If you want a place that you can do a lot of activities, Dusun Eco Resort is the right choice.

Nike and Adidas are two main competitors in shoes industry especially in sports arena. Many cool shoes have been designed by them and many pros soccer players wear them.

Adidas Soccer Shoes


adidas adipure TRX FGadidas_predator_absolute_trx_fg-150-150

Nike Soccer Shoes


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Soccer is really a fun game. To play soccer, you need certain equipments in order to protect yourself or for your own comfort. Below are some soccer equipments that quite important for soccer games.

Goal Post


This is the most essential thing to play a real football games. There is also a mini version for indoor soccer games. 


Is dribble a need? Sometime you can just beat your opponent by doing one two.

A lot of football players is totally fanatic with dribbling skills and think that becoming a dribble king means that you are the hero of the team. This is totally wrong. If you noticed, most of freestyle moves are really cool but are they effictive to use in the game? I don’t think so.

So, below are two reasons that you should know when to use your dribble skills in a match.

Can’t pass to your teammates

If you are fighting with strong team, there is a possibility that most of your teammates is marked by them. In order to find other mates that is not marked, you need to dribble and control the possession of the ball. The best way is by dribbling or take the ball far from you. Remember, your objective is not to pass your opponent but to find your mates and pass the ball to them. This is the safest play of all.