After end of the 3rd quarter of the year with stunning profit, opera comes with the latest mobile software which is opera mini 5.1 on september 9th, 2010. This version has already been released for Java, Android and BlackBerry phones and now available for others especially for my se w705 phone. Actually this version is updated from opera mini 4.2 which is widely used all over the world for mobile phone. With several updated features , opera mini 5.1 really make different and will lead the mobile browser for at least 2 years.

Here’s the summary of the stunning features that I said before.

Tabbed browsing….

Browse as many web sites at the same time. Change it from one to another with ease.

Speed Dial……

Just by one click, you can go to your favorite pages easily. Up to 9 space and you can bookmark any of your favorite site visually.

Long-click Menus…..

y hold the select button, you can perform actions such as opening in a new tab, copying and pasting. Just like your right hand click at the mouse.

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Command prompt is a non-graphical interface of a command-line interpreter which allows you to communicate with your Operating System (OS). Most modern computer now use Graphical user interface to communicate with OS so that it is easy to operate files and documents. However, there are certain programs and commands only available through command prompt. Enough for the introduction and let’s focus on our subject on how to open command prompt..

It’s easy …. just follow the steps below.

  1. Open ‘windows start page’.
  2. Click on Run.
  3. On the dialog box type ‘command’ or ‘cmd’.
  4. Hit enter and the command prompt will pop up onto you.

For windows vista and windows seven it’s much easier.

  1. On the search box, type ‘command’ or simply ‘cmd’
  2. Hit enter and there is your command prompt.

For example of command prompt usage is to check MAC address and ping IP address to check whether the server is online or not.

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    A moderate computer user might only know the different versions of OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. They aren’t aware that each version of Windows still can be categorized in a few versions such as Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.

    The cheapest version of Windows 7 is Windows 7 Home Edition, follow by Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate.

    For easy understanding, you can take a look at the figure below to see the comparison between Home Edition, Professional and Ultimate version of Windows 7.

    Windows 7 Ultimate is of course the best choice if you have extra bucks in pocket; otherwise it’s better to have the Professional version. I don’t really recommend Windows 7 Home Premium since it lacks a lot of feature.

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    Tweaking blog template has become easier task once I learnt about FireBug; an add-on in Mozilla Firefox that can help user to see instant change of their blog once they tweak the css or html coding. Actually, the changes are just temporary. So that the changes become permanent, one still need to find the proper coding at their blog template and change it there.

    And now, I just learnt that Opera and Chrome already embedded such developer tool out of the box. Looks like there isn’t any reason for me to stay with Firefox anymore.

    Gotta keep moving and look forward.

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    VirtualBox is a software that use virtualization technology that enable us to run another operating system (OS) in our current operating system. The operating system that is created by VirtualBox is called virtual machine (VM). Virtual machine means that the machine is only using virtual drive. That means you can delete the VM easily if you don’t want to use it anymore.

    Although you can see a lot of Ubuntu Linux user use VirtualBox so that they can use Windows in Ubuntu, but you can also use VirtualBox in Windows so that you can test drive Ubuntu in Windows.

    Below is the picture of how I use Ubuntu inside my Windows XP.

    virtual box ubuntu

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    ubuntu linux desktop

    Maybe some of you already know about Ubuntu but I am sure that there are still some internet users that don’t know what is Ubuntu although they already heard the word Ubuntu a few times.

    For those that do not know a damn about Ubuntu, don’t worry because this post is written completely for beginners. For easy understanding, I make this post in question and answer style. Just follow the question and answer one by one.

    What is Ubuntu?

    I am sure you know about Windows. There are Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the latest one is Windows 7. Those things are called operating system. Windows is an operating system by a company called Microsoft (the same company that produced Microsoft Office). Besides Windows, there are other operating system like Mac and Linux. Ubuntu is a distrubution under Linux. There is also other linux distrubution such as Puppy Linux, Mint and Fedora.

    Although live CD is really famous, there are still a lot of people that do not know about it. What is live cd? Actually, live cd is a type of bootable cd that contains operating system. Live cd is very useful especially in troubleshooting and repairing and your PC.

    Since live CDs have their own operating system, they do not need the OS inside your hard disk (ex: xp, linux, vista) to operate. Imagine that your PC has error and can’t load windows. For most people, they either format it or make it as slave in other PC. However, perhaps the PC only has software issue and only need a few click to settle it.

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    If you use wordpress theme, usually there are a place for you to put widgets. Somehow, there is a time when you want to insert something (ex: banner) at other area than the widget. You might find this quite difficult to do especially if you do not have enough skill in CSS and PHP language.

    In this case, you can try to install a Mozilla Firefox addon called Firebug to help you inspect a blog theme. After inspecting a theme, you will have an idea where to put the desired coding for the banner.

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    I am a die hard fan of Opera browser. For me, Opera make my surfing easier and it gives me more speed compare to other browsers.

    After a few month using Opera 10, now the latest version that is Opera 10.5 is already released for download. In Opera 10.5, the main menu is turn into a button that is just like Microsoft Office 2007 main menu sytle. Thanks for the compact main menu, Opera user can now enjoy bigger view of web page.

    If you never use Opera browser, the information below might help you (based on the Opera 10 Beta, so might be out of date).

    What’s new in Opera 10

    Opera Turbo:

    • By using compression technology, Opera state that they can deliver a few times more than the speed of slower connection. This will really help dial up users.

    Visual Tabs:

    • This is the new awesome function in Opera that really cool. Now you can expand the title bar and view all of the tabs that you open at the same time.


    MKV video format usually contains video, audio, and subtitle in a same file. That means sometime subtitle file is already embedded inside the MKV file. However, user tends to get problem regarding MKV subtitles. Even for me, the subtitle isn’t showing although I’ve tried many ways. Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player did not work for me. I am sure that there are a few ways that can be done to make the MKV subtitles work with Media Player Classic, but I am too lazy to go through all the hassles.

    Then I cross upon a video player called KMPlayer. Although the name is still new to me, this video player works greatly. It shows subtitle very well and you can even adjust the subtitle size easily. Besides

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