I am sure you are tired of using the normal fax machine.

I know you hate to waste your precious time just to receive a faxed document.

Okay, here is the best solution for you.

Introduce, the best online fax ever; MyFax.

After you use MyFax, you will realize how much time you have wasted before. You no longer need to wait for the fax document to arrive because the document is automatically send to your email.

Yes, that easy.


Not only that. Using MyFax, you can also reverse the process.

Now you can send a document from your computer without the need to print it, bring it to the fax machine, and push the send button. If you find that too complicated there are many CRM software’s that offer the service as part of a service plan: https://www.salesforce.com/hub/crm/zendesk-crm-competition/

You don’t need to do these waste of time procedures anymore.

Using MyFax, you can send any document to the targeted fax machine just by using email.

And there’s more…

MyFax is different compared to other online fax services since MyFax offers these benefits:

  • You get a toll free or local number
  • MyFax is totally reliable and has great support team. If you have any issue just contact them and they will answer you in a few hours.
  • MyFax is simple to use and pretty straight forward. You don’t need to be a tech geek to use MyFax.
  • By using MyFax, nothing will turn wrong.

MyFax is a award-winning faxing solution. If you are a tech geek, I am sure you know TopTenReviews.com. Even a good made software receives hard critique from them.

And guess what?

MyFax has been featured 5 years in a row from TopTenReviews.com. That means MyFax is really good.

Watch this YouTube video by TopTenReviews.com and judge it by yourself.

TopTenReviews.com: MyFax

Oh, you still don’t believe MyFax is good?

Okay. For your convenience I have compiled some reviews that I found from online forums and discussions. No edit, no tweak. Believe me, these are honest opinion by MyFax satisfy users.

  Source:  https://www.chatmeter.com/blog/google-confirms-responding-to-reviews-improves-your-local-seo/


Source:  http://www.indeed.com/forum/job/freight-agent-broker/internet-fax/t254394/p1


Source: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/technology/information-technology/computers-software/TCH_ITS_CMP/607082-16722091


Source: http://www.faxbeep.com/internet-fax-service/myfax?page=1

I think the three testimonials should be enough to convince you MyFax is the best online fax solution ever made.

Oh, you are worried to invest your money on something valuable that can make your task easier?

Don’t worry. You can try MyFax for 30 days for FREE.


If you are satisfied with them, keep using them. If not..

Thee is no ‘if not’ actually. I am confident that you are going to be the next satisfy user. Their services range from fax software to construction cost estimating software.

Click the TRIAL BUTTON and you are one step closer to make your job easier.

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A few month ago, my PC suddenly can’t pass the windows XP logo. This happen after I download a software from unreliable source. As the last resort, I try to format my PC.

I feel really astonished when I need to choose the partition to be format because windows detect that my hard disk has one partition only (there are actually 3 partitions) and the partition size is zero bytes. That means there is no data in my hard disk. I wonder if some virus had eaten my files.

PC Error Solved

After a lot of research, at last I know that the problem is not because virus had eaten my files but because it had eaten the partition tables of my windows. Partition tables works as a middle man between  windows and the files in our hard disk. Since the middle man had been eaten, that’s why windows detect my hard disk as empty hard disk.

Most of people will feel worry about this and think that their hard disk has corrupted or broken. Don’t worry, there is a tool to repair partition table easily. 

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Yesterday I talk about how to repair damage partition table by using TestDisk. How about if the solution did not work? What you should do? The best solution here is to recover the files inside the damage partition and make backup for it.

You can use file recovery software to recover files. There are tons of them available but it’s hard to find free file recovery software that works like charm.

Sometimes, it actually best to use specialize software for specific purpose. For example, it’s better to use photo recovery software such Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to recover deleted photos, images, musics, and other media files.

For other non-media file, here I listed a few file recovery software that should help you to find and recover deleted or missing files. File recovery software can

Every anti virus has their own specialty. In term of virus detection, Kaspersky is famous for its ability to detect almost all type of viruses. Kaspersky also get top listing in a lot of websites that review anti virus software. Despite the fact, I still favor Avira over Kaspersky. When I installed Kaspersky in my previous Pentium 4 desktop, the computer run slowly. The virus detection is good but performance is an important aspect too. That is for Pentium 4 desktop. If you use desktop PC with Core2Duo and above processor, I am sure you do not have to worry about the performance issue. Although Avira is light, I see it capability in detecting virus is okay. Just made sure you use the premium Avira anti virus for total effect.

avira anti virus

My experience with free anti virus is really bad. During 2007 till the middle of 2009, I need to format my desktop computer frequently. In a matter of a two months after format, my PC will lagged again. At that time it never crossed my mind that having a paid anti virus might do the job. Believe it or not, starting from mid 2010 till now, I never format my computer yet. If you are interested in having Avira and do not know whether to choose the Avira anti virus premium or the Avira premium internet security, it is best if you check what the premium internet security can do. 

foxit reader download 2

A lot of people still use Adobe Reader to open PDF fomat file without realizing that they can actually use more light-weight application to open PDF file. Yes, Adobe Reader is really heavy and need long loading time.

If your main purpose is just to read content of the PDF file, I really suggest you to try Foxit Reader. 

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Sysreset is just like MIRC. The only different is sysreset has better downloading feature compare to MIRC.

With the normal MIRC, you need to do a lot of typing to CTCP a user to know which file is available for download. However, Sysreset has cover this weakness by having Server Tracker.

sysreset tutorial

Just as the picture above, the server tracker will show you all of available ‘sharer’ and you just need to click their name to enter their CTCP page. You can find the Server Tracker feature at the Sysreset tab.

Another important thing, you should load the fserve_tracker.ini and fserve_browser.ini first at the addon manager (still at the Sysreset tab).

That’s all. Enjoy your download.

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Rapidshare.de seldomly released free Rapidshare premium accounts to its member and user.The accounts are valid for 2 days only and they will not delete the account during the 2 days period.

However, you can still extend the accounts to months by collecting rapidshare premium points. To collect rapidshare premium points, you need to register as member and uploading files at rapidshare. Once somebody download your file, you will earn points for it.

The question is, how to get the free Rapidshare premium accounts?

1. Using RapidCheck tool

free rapidshare premium rapidcheck

RapidCheck is a software that checks if there is any free premium accounts available by Rapidshare.de

Hi guys? I am sure most of you have club or organization T-Shirt that is self design by your club member. Some of them might design the T-Shirt by using hand and then leave the rest of the task to the shirt printing service company. In my secondary school, my friend make a really complex design and sent it to Bizandry. Although the price is a little high, the quality is awesome. Exactly just like the hand design.

For some designer, they are comfortable to use Adobe Photoshop for designing. After finished, they send the design to the printing service. Most of them think that designing using Adobe Photoshop will make the design at the shirt will be the same after printing. This is totally wrong.

Just bought a new computer or need to reinstall software due to hard disk format? Actually Windows 7 already provided some programs after clean install but somehow there are still some softwares that are not included. Here are some essential software that I always make sure to keep it inside my computer.

Imaging program

  • ImgBurn (I use this to convert files to ISO format)
  • Magic Disc (I use this to mount ISO format)

Compressor or archive

  • WinRar (can open most type of compressed file)

Video Player

  • KMP player is my choice as it has good supports for subtitle
  • VLC is the way to go if you want to do some video streaming

Word Processor

  • Microsoft Office obviously

Internet Browser

  • Opera and Mozilla (Opera good for research while Mozilla is my choice for blog posting)


  • Yahoo Messenger

PDF Reader

  • Foxit Reader as it is small in size but fast in speed

Download program

  • IDM (Internet Download Manager) for direct download
  • U-Torrent for torrent

Except than IDM and Microsoft Office, other softwares are absolutely free.

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Java is not popular enough among normal computer users but Java get high demands from professional. Besides the language features and functionalities, Java Runtime Environment (also called Java Virtual Machine) makes software developed using Java capable for cross platform. Certain software can only run in one type of OS, but Java software can be run in most operating system such as Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac without altering the source code.

For end users that need to run Java program, they only need to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) that can be get for free at Sun Microsystems Inc website. For those that want to develop Java program, then you need to install JDK (Java Development Kit).

Write, edit, and compile Java manually

Once you installed JDK, you can already begin your Java programming. You can do it using the standard Note Pad program and save the program as .java format (ex: filename.java).

After that you can compile the program by using Command Prompt. Go to the directory that contain the .java file and type,

javac filename.java

There is a high chance you will get error as Windows still doesn’t know what is ‘javac’. So you  need to set the PATH by going to Windows Properties > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables > System Variables.

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