Before you decided to buy an application from the App Store, it is good if you have test drive the full version of the application first. You can use the full version of an application using Installous. Of course you cannot done this without hacking and cracking. Firstly you need to have a jailbreaked iPhone. After that you can install the Installous so that you can access variety of premium application for free. Please remember that using Installous to use crack application is unethical and a piracy crime. Only use Installous to test drive a software so that you will not feel regret afterwards.


Here is the method to install Installous in your iPhone. Firstly open the Cydia application. Once your iPhone is jailbreaked, you should have the Cydia application. If you don’t have the Cydia application, there is a high chance that your iPhone is not jailbreaked yet.

At the Cydia, Go to Manage > Sources > Manage > Edit > Add. Add this URL into the prompt text box,  and wait for the link to be verified. Once the link is verified, you just need to search for Installous application and install it. Once the installation is finished, you can find the Installous icon on the springboard. Now you can download any test drive any paid application that you want before buying it.

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When you buy your iPhone, usually the phone is locked so that your will not mess with the settings and important files. The hacking method to unlock the locked phone is called jailbreak. Once the iPhone has been jailbreaked, you can gain permission to access and modify the files in the iPhone root folder. Jailbreaked iPhone is more versatile and can be customized at the fullest. For example you will have the ability to  change the look and feel of your iPhone and customize the home screen background to suit your taste. Besides that you will have the permission to use certain application such as Cydia application store that contains programs that you won’t see in Apple’s popular counterpart.


It is important for you to know that jailbreak is actually against Apple policy. This is because jailbreak enable you to install iPhone plugins for free. Remember that your iPhone warranty might void if you jailbreaking your iPhone. So do it at your own risk. Since Apple does not allowed iPhone jailbreaking, they always find way to tighten their code and to close any possible loop hole for jailbreak purpose. So once you update the latest iPhone firmware, you might need to jailbreak your iPhone again. Be careful though, some mistake in jailbreaking can make your iPhone freeze In this case, just reboot your iPhone and restart the whole process again.

How to jailbreak iPad 1 and iPad 2

jailbreak ipad

Jailbreak my iPad – “Jailbreak my iPad” is the iPad Jailbreak solution that it has already been downloaded by over 8,000 people all over the world. That’s right people in 75 different countries are using our iPad Jailbreak solution to unlock their iPads and that is since our launch in 2010. Not to blow our own trumpet but this makes our iPad solution the best and the most used in the entire industry.

The Jailbreak system is completely unique and it has been tested rigorously. It even works if your iPad has been relocked after a firmware upgrade. In fact the bottom line is that it works no matter what iPad you have and not matter what its history is.

If you have an iPad you are probably well aware of the fact that firmware upgrades have the tendency to relock your iPad and this is where the unbeatable solution comes in. The site offer free software updates to all customers so if your iPad gets relocked you will have the means to unlock and jailbreak it again.

How to jailbreak iPhone 4

Majalah9 – Cyberfly had written a complete guide for those that want to jailbreak their iPhone 4. He showed how to use Limerain in jailbreaking an iPhone 4. The steps involved are quite simple. You just follow the given instruction by Limerain and press the proper button accordingly. Just like installing a windows game without any patch or crack. At the end of installation, you need to install Cydia application. After that you can uninstall the Limerain since you are not going to use it anymore.

How to jailbreak iPhone 3GS

BeijingPhoneRepair – The guide teaches you how to jailbreak iPhone 3GS by using JailbreakMe 3.0.The guide needs you to access JailbreakMe website by using Safari internet browser. Press the install button and just wait for the installation to load automatically. At the end of installation, pop-up notification will let you know that Cydia has been installed on your phone.

Pheayrong – The photographer from Pheayrong had written a guide with pictures support on jailbreaking iPhone 3GS by using JailbreakMe version 2.0. Besides providing info regarding jailbreaking, he also showed how he used the jailbreaked iPhone to the fullest by installing various plugins. In the guide, I bet you can find the best plugins to be used in your iPhone and learn about the best plugins that are offered by Cydia store. The writer also alert jailbreaker user to be aware in updating iPhone firmware since some security patch provided by Apple will lose your jailbroken software and there is possible that you can’t jailbreak it anymore.

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