So, what is 3G?

Based on Celcom formal website, 3G is like GPRS that using steroid. That means more speed. Cool huh?? Access high speed internet browsing as well as browse exciting content. You could watch blockbuster read up on financial news, and buy or sell on the fly.

Download and listen to your favourite hit song. Catch sports updates as they happen. Or even… get tickled with animated comic strips. Keep tabs on your pregnancy, if you’re to be or an anxious dad.

And it’s all through your 3G mobile phone. Anytime, when you’re on the go

Activate Celcom 3G

There are a few steps that you need to do to activate Celcom 3G service. Before proceeding, please make sure that your handset support GPRS or 3G (and Java or MIDP2.0) to use this service.

  • You must first upgrade your celcom simcard at Celcom centre. Any Celcom centre will do.
  • To activate it, use SMS to request the setting and configuration for 3G. Type SET and send to 20999.
  • Use the setting that you received to install. You can also get the settings and activate 3g by calling their Customer Service.

Celcom 3G issue

Of course the speed. I just wonder how long do we need to have speed like foreign country… Either for 3G or streamyx.

Celcom Broadband Special Offer

Voila… We are lucky to be Malaysian. Right now Celcom has offer great broadband package called Broadband SKMM 1Malaysia. This Celcom broadband prepaid is so cheap. Who can believe that for RM25 per month, one can enjoy internet connection for the entire month. Although there is data cap for the prepaid broadband, the user can still use internet. However the speed will reduce a bit.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a revolutionary new device which begs transformation, whether at home or on the go. In the advent of new devices springing out like roses on a daisy farm, the Samsung Galaxy Note aims to differentiate itself by combining the phone and PDA as one, an entity which brings an entirely new experience to the user.

Harkening back to the early days of the PDA, when resistive screens were the rule of the land and touch pens were still a much included necessity, the Samsung Galaxy Note combines the modern form factor of the iPad with the efficiency of the touch input provided by olden-day PDAs to produce an utterly convincing and useful mix of the two.

It comes with a stylus pen included to write on it, so you can write down notes just as if you were using paper. Running on the 2.3 variant of the popular Android mobile operating system, Gingerbread, the Samsung Galaxy Note has been customized to allow users to draw on the screen and gain access to apps via custom gestures which Samsung has specifically created for the Note.

samsung galaxy note

Using the Note is like a dream come true, especially in my working life. I take a lot of notes in between my trips to different meeting rooms and back, and having to run back and forth to my office to rummage through my cabinet for the appropriate file is a chore, to say the least. With the Note, I can write everything down as a soft copy with the convenience of normal pen and paper input, and have all my minutes, presentations, documents and speeches right in my jacket ready to be fired up whenever I need them.

I would even go so far as to say that I wish I had one in my student days, where I could have replaced my heavy backpack and lecture notes with screen captures and touch screen notes.

With the Galaxy Note’s large screen estate and stylus pen input, my tablet note-taking needs are finally fulfilled. Just by having a Galaxy Note, I am sure you are just one step closer  to be the next employee of the month.

Disclosure: This entry is a part of campaign run by Unruly Media specially for Galaxy Note and is written as honest as possible.

Apple’s iPhone 4 is the new darling of the tech industry, and if you haven’t been able to get your hands on one, now is the time. While it may seem prohibitively expensive to get one up front, DiGi’s new iWant promotion packages make the iPhone available to you, starting from a paltry RM 53 per month.

iPhone 4 pictures

To put how mouth-watering these deals are into perspective, consider the magnificent hardware of the iPhone 4. Beautifully sculpted in curves of glass and aluminum, it embodies the timeless classic of elegance and style in one simple package. Then there’s the 5 megapixel camera, awash with a backside illuminated sensor and LED flash, which is able to record your memories for eternity in stunning 720p High Definition video. On the front, the IPS technology display produces an array of life-like colors with deeper contrast and higher viewing angles, while the array of internationally recognized radios allow you to access your data via GSM, 3G or WiFi when you’re travelling overseas.

digi iphone 4 pictures

What makes iPhone 4 rocks

If that’s not enough, the iPhone 4 also comes with Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system, iOS 4. Its hands-on, layman-friendly interface provides intuitive gesture and touchscreen controls, approvable by even the most outlandish country bumpkin. No more spending time installing antivirus software, or configuring settings filled with tech jargon just to surf the Internet – Apple accommodates the user by anticipating the average person’s know-how and putting the power to proceed right within their own hands. If that’s not enough, consider the more than 100,000 third party apps available in the App Store.

Digi iPhone 4 hot deal

So the question becomes, for something so perfect, how is the average person able to afford it? Well, now anyone can own an iPhone 4 with DiGi’s iWant packages!

digi iphone 4 pictures

For those who are strapped for cash, the iDiGi 88 puts an iPhone 4 in your hands for the low price of RM 58/month! And if you activate the auto-billing function, you can reduce this to RM 53/month! For those who may think this is a little steep, do consider that there’s also DiGi’s free offerings of 200 minutes of voice calls, 200 SMSes, 20 MMSes, and 1GB of Internet data! Now that’s a deal!

So what are you waiting for? Always dreamed of owning an iPhone 4? Then hurry to your nearest DiGi store to grab yourself one, today!!

If Jimmy found himself a [intlink id=”1141″ type=”post”]sony ericsson k770i[/intlink] as a new gadget to replace his old motorola v36 phone, me myself found sony ericsson w705 to be my communication gadget. You can get this phone for RM720-rm780 only. After one month of usage, i found there were several features that make me really like this phone. But, at least 3 things make me feel kinda regret bought this phone. If I want to scold somebody, Jimmy is the most suitable one because he was late to post the article about ‘buy-sell’ rule for new handphone. hehehe… That’s why we always need to pay an attention to the new post and also read all the good stuffs from internet or blog to make sure we do not regret anything in the future..

Surely I want to share with you the best part of this phone first before I go to the next part….the regret one.he…

Due to the need of some original pictures in this blog, I had bought a Sony Ericsson K770i mobile phone. Before this I only use VGA mobile pone (Motorola V36) because I don’t see a need to have a mobile phone with better camera performance.

At Mac 2010, you can get K770i for not more than RM500. But to get the 5MP original C901, the cost is not less than RM780 (at Mac 2010). Although the prices is much higher than K770i, I doubt that the camera performance will be a lot better. On the other hand, no matter how big the resolution is, at last I will convert it to 500 pixels at most (for blog post). That’s why I choose K770i, the 3.2MP camera already make me satisfied.

That’s the first rule for choosing mobile phone. Know your needs and budget.

Even in a big office, there should be a time where the number of staff is not enough. During the time, a lot of problem arise such as there is not enough hand to answer client’s call or more worse if it is the call from potential client. Although it looks nothing, such issue can actually affected a company name. Not only the company lose potential client, the current client will feel that the company is not serious enough in doing their job.

In this case, an automation dialer service systems can be a great help to a company or even to a person working alone. Hosted Auto Dialer Service Systems can help in managing outbound calls (the calls when no one answer). Let assume that you are a web master who design and create website. Since you are working alone, there should be a lot of time you are not available at your desk to answer incoming phone calls. What if

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I am sure there are still a lot that do not know what actually VoIP phone is. Basically, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This type of phone will take analog audio signal from phone and then turn it into digital data that is suitable to be transmit by using internet. VoIP phone can be a cheaper method to do communication if you know how. You just need to have VoIp software and of course the VoIP phone to pull the trick.

Imagine how much you can save by using VoIP phone instead of normal phone. You do not need to worry to contact your friends that is living in oversea anymore. Instead of using Yahoo messenger or Skype to talk with your friends, why not having a real feeling of conversation by having a VoIP phone. I am sure both of you will be satisfied.

However, VoIP phone can be pricey and expensive. This is nothing to be surprised since VoIP phone offer great features and functions. Lucky because you can still get refurbished VOIP phone systems at cheaper price that are available at

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  • Do you feel anxious if your little cutey handphone is not around you?
  • Do you feel like a bad person if you do not reply for incoming message in 5 minutes?
  • Do you think your girlfriend will scold you if you miss their call?
  • Do you afraid your boss will scold you if you are late to answer his phone call?

Don’t worry, because this Bluetooth Watch will help you


Never miss SMS messages or incoming call anymore:

  • This awesome watch will vibrate if your phone get incoming message or call. The watch will also tell you who is in the line. 

waterproof bag

Gadgets such as camera and handset have become necessity for most of us. We always use camera and handset to record pictures during an activity and we always use MP3 to cheer us from boredom. Because of that, it is important to take care of your gadgets in order to avoid unfortunate event.

Aware of the need to has something that can protect gadget, HyperGear has introduced a quality waterproof pouch. This pouch would protect your gadget from water so you don’t need to worry about rain or river.

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gps tracker

GPS not only can be used to show us direction but in certain circumstances, GPS could save human life too. Lately, a hiker who is hiking K2 mountain is separated from his team. Lucky he could be saved because the GPS system that he used could send GPS coordinate through SMS. Without the GPS system, perhaps Thuraya will be freeze to death.