Hey, can you tell me how to write a resume? What font should I used? Should I used small or capital letter?

So, that are the questions that will come from someone who knows nothing about resume. Instead of writing resume by your own, you can just download the softcopy in the internet. As for me, I used JobStreet to come up with a resume.

After registering with JobStreet, you will see an option to create resume. Then you just need to fill a form, insert your picture, and submit. And now your data will be available to employers. After completing your resume, you will see download option for the resume. The downloaded resume can be opened in Microsoft Word in case you want to edit something. That’s super easy isn’t it? You got a fully format resume just by completing a form.

Another thing that need to be keep in mind is that you don’t need to be a fresh graduate to register JobStreet. JobStreet offers opportunities for part time and internship. On going college or university students can maximized this feature to register and grab any job opportunity during semester break.

There is also English assessment and practices that you can take in JobStreet. It’s good idea to check how good you do in English by taking the assessment. The assessment result should gave employers a good view about your English skill.

So, this is mine. Not so good, but not too bad.

Job Street Assesement

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Want to go for a holiday trip but don’t know where to go? Then try to consider Cameron Highland as choice. Located in the center of Peninsular Malaysia, I doubt anyone will have any trouble going to Cameron Highland.

Cameron Highland is a amazing destination and worth to be visited, but if you really want to go here please take a few advices from me as consideration. Firstly bring some panadols along the way because the roads are really challenging. If you have a hard time with roller coaster, then extra plastic bags should be brought in case you need to do some “dirty” thing.


Second advice, don’t be fool by your heart. Once you get there, the first thing that comes to your mind should be Strawberry. You might find that the price at entrance is reasonable but I am sure you will get better prices if wait until you reach the correct place (night market).

Ever go to Taiping? Without a doubt, Zoo Taiping sure is the biggest attraction in Taiping. Several newspaper have declared that Zoo Taiping is even better than Zoo Negara. Recently I went to Zoo Taiping with my friends. Suprisingly the price has increased a lot. If you wish Zoo Taiping, better prepare RM20 at least. RM12 for entry ticket, and the rest for food and drink.

The price maybe expensive as hell but I am sure you will get a good body shape once you finish the expedition. Aside normal looking Zoo, Zoo Taiping know how to leverage the attraction point by creating a fake Safari; so called Night Safari. I never go to Night Safari yet but most people I know prefer the day Zoo since you can see the animals clearly. However some of my friends prefer Night Safari as they can see certain rare animals show up. Yup, certain animal show during the day while some only appears during night.

And a piece of advice from me, make sure you went there before 6 pm or after 8 pm as the Zoo closed during the timeline.

  • Normal entry: RM12.00
  • Night Safari: RM16.00

Price maybe a bit expensive since visitors are allowed to bring camera without additional charge. The reason is simple, although you don’t paid for camera since you don’t bring one, you actually can use mobile phone camera to take pictures. Besides that, price maybe slightly differ if you are living in Taiping (based on your IC address).


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IT Zone at Taman Pekaka is having its own PC Fair. If you live near USM Engineering, than you can visit IT Zone to get a lot of pc parts with good prices. If you don’t have idea of what to buy, let me helps you a bit. I am sure you may need some of the stuffs below.

USB Bluetooth

If you like to capture pictures by using camera phone, I am sure you don’t really like the transfer part, where you need to plug in the cable to your PC. By having a USB Bluetooth, transferring files can be done easily without the need of any cable. The problem is that the speed might not be as fast as using wire cable. But if you’re transferring small size of files, than USB Bluetooth would really help.

LCD Monitor

Are you still using the bulky CRT monitor? For your information, the CRT monitor consumes more power than LCD monitor. This research was done by USM researchers that love the environment. They encourage everybody to use LCD monitor for the environment. In addition, the user will get the most benefit because by having a monitor that saves 50 percent power, you just saved half of your electric bill.

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Teja (Jaya Carnival so called [intlink id=”1152″ type=”post”]Temasya Jaya[/intlink]) week 2 shown two major events that is Futsal Teja and Battle of The Band. In this Battle of The Band, BitterSweet an independence band was invited to perform in this event. Before I go further about Bittersweet and Battle of The Band, lets see a bit about Futsal Teja.

In my opinion Futsal Teja was something different than other futsal tournament since they were using Rugby grouping style. Usually, only strong teams can maintain in the tournament and go through the final. However, this is different in Futsal Teja. Every team have high chance to proceed in the game by dividing the prizes into Cup, Plate, Bowl, and Spoon categories. If a team got a bad ranking in grouping, they do not need to worry because they can still compete in other categories. Yeah, this is what most football players need. Enjoyment in playing futsal. The prizes is second. Futsal Teja is not something that would

Known as Schooldetto before, the sports carnival for USM Electrical and Electronic Engineering is re-branding to Olympee. In this carnival, you can see a lot of students compete in various games. Football, badminton, ping pong, volleyball and others.

In this year sports carnival, the organizer promote new events that I think will make Olympee more fun and enjoyful. If you are an EE students, do participate in Cross Campus (marathon) that will be held on March 21. Not only it’s free but you have high chance to get certificate too.

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WUS is one of the university requirement subject in USM. WUS is a subject that teach students about entrepreneurship. One of the task that need to be fulfill by students who take this subject is to open their own business and then make complete report about it. Despite that, food and drink business are not allowed.

Compare to last year and two years before, expo for WUS 2010 (3 Mac) was not held around Lecture Hall anymore but was held at Lembaran Cafe. I am sure the idea to choose Lembaran Cafe as expo base is a good idea since there are a lot of people around Lembaran Cafe than Lecture Hall.

Okay, firstly lets see the award for The Most Attractive Booth. There it is. Looks simple but the birds origami sure make

Teja (short form for Temasya Jaya) is a carnival organized by a hostel society in USM Engineering. Although it’s organized by a hostel, the participation is opened to all USM students.

As usual, you can see a lot of games and events during Teja. In Teja you can show your gaming skills by participating in PES (Professional Evolution Soccer), Counter Strike, or the most addictive game; Dota.

Dota sure is a game with lot of fans. You can see how many people watch the Dota figh in this Dota Tournament. Perhaps they want to improve their Dota skills by observing other people playing styles. 

Career Fair 2010 (old name was Ekspen) is held in USM Seri Ampangan (Engineering Campus) from 2 to 3 Mac. This Career Fair is meant to final year students so that they can find related companies to be interviewed for job. Gold sponsor for this event is Shell, the giant company in oil industry. Even on the Career Fair committee members’ shirt has Shell’s logo. Wonder how much they sponsored this event.

In contrast to Career Fair, there is mini program for secondary school students called FEC. This program is meant to open the student eyes about universities education and courses offer. I think this mini program is very useful so that students will choose course according to their interest.

So, what’s new in this year Career Fair? To me, 2010 Career Fair looks a little like museum. Why I said so?

This section is dedicated to USM students.

USM logo

Sukad is the shortform for Sukan Antara Desasiswa. This event involve all of USM campuses.

USM Minden (Week 1, Phase 1)

  • 29-31 January 2010
  • Football (Lembaran goes to semi-final that will be held on Week 2)
  • Hockey male (Champion: Lembaran, Runner-up: Jaya)
  • Hockey female (Champion: Indah Kembara) – I
  • Volleyball male (Champion: Jaya, Runner-Up: Lembaran)
  • Badminton, Softball, Tennis

USM Minden (Week 2, Phase 1)

  • 5-7 January 2010
  • Basketball, Squash, Field Bowling, Volleyball, Aerobics
  • Event: Opening Ceremony (6 Feb 2010)