If you followed Lost tv series starting from the first season, I am sure you must really awaiting for this final season which will conclude a lot of mysteries and secrets along all of the Lost season. I like the way how the director make this series more attractive by inserting flashback and sometimes fast forward between the current time.

Although Lost season 6 is already out, ASTRO (AXN) is really slow because they just showed Lost season 5 first episode last week.

Here I list a few mysteries that I think will be solved in this final season. Beware, contain spoilers. Don’t continue if you still do not watch the previous season (unless you want to be spoiled).

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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is about Zeus weapon, a powerful lightning which is stolen. Zeus blame Poseidon’s (the God of sea) son for the stolen lightning although the son (Percy Jackson) himself doesn’t even know that he is a son of an Olympian God. Since there is a rule by Zeus that state that a God cannot make a contact directly with his son, Percy Jackson always think that his Dad abandon him and his mom.

In this movie you can see how Percy Jackson learn about his history and going to a quest to prove that he is innocent. You will see Percy Jackson and friends fight a lot of mystic monster in this movie.

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A lot of women and men have a few extra inches of unwanted weight. This could be due to overeating or lacks of physical exercise to keep one body in good shape. Different people may behave differently in terms of eating. Some people  do not gain weight although they eat a lot but some people really affected if they eat more than they supposed too.

It is very important to understand yourself so that you will not suffer from extra weight or obesity. You may think that having a little extra weight is okay but it is actually not. A lot of overweight person especially women have low self esteem. They don’t feel confident in doing something especially the things that related to social life and serious relation ship. They feel that their look have become a burden to them.

If you think you are already overweight, there is a few measure you can take. Usually people use liposuction to remove fat and extra weight in a short time. Even top actress such as Sandra Bullock  and Britney Spears also doing liposuction to get the desired body shape in certain places. By doing liposuction, you do not need to spend much time and you do not need to worry about dangerous side effect because of chemical use. Furthermore, vaser liposuction in Chicago already has great technology called Smart Liposuction that gives patient minor pain and faster brushes recovery.

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With the new series aired on Starz TV on Saturday night, probably our children and we have the right time to watch TV together. But, you have to aware with the consequences for giving your children to watch Spartacus Blood and Sand. Classics tale of the republic stories, start with betrayed by Romans. Forced to slavery. Reborn as a Gladiator. Then, lead the rebellion against Romans.

1. Violence.

Within 60 minutes of the first episode for this Spartacus series, I can barely say that 50% of the show contains the violent act from free hand fighting until bloody fight using sharp metal like chopper, sword and spear. Nobody can deny that gladiator arena must have those bloody fighting actions which brought to us through tv cable. Can’t imagine how they

the spy next door

  • Actor: Jackie Chan
  • Director: Brian Levant
  • Release date: 15 Jan 2010

Just watched this movie last night at AEON Seberang Prai City Shopping Centre (Perda, Bukit Mertajam). In my opinion, this movie is great to watch with family since it has a lot of humor and jokes. If you expect this movie to be the same as Police Story, then you are gonna be disappointed. However, Spy Next Door still has Jackie Chan action that worth to be seen

Bring your family or girlfriend to watch this movie. I am sure you will have fun especially when you see the cute little girl talking (the little girl with pink clothes in the poster).

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anime pc

This is a real conversation that I had with a friend of mine few years ago.

Friend: Do you have the movie title ******.

Me: Yes I have.

Friend: Can you send it to my mail?

Me: No need, you can download them from the internet.

Friend: But it’s so slow to download from internet.

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time warp

Time warp is a science television program. Based on its name, I thought this series is related to space time travel or kinda like jumper that can teleport through space. However it is actually about a group that crazy to learn about motion.

They film many events using high speed video camera, and then they play it back using slower motion. Perhaps I like matrix movie that make me love this movie too. Time warp tries to discover what actually happen in a certain process.

For example, they simulated a car crash and then view it in slow motion to know how the car crash each other and what actually happen in the short time. If you like National Geographic, you will love Time Warp for sure.

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one outs anime

I always like anime or story that use strategy to win a game or a fight. As expected of Shinobu Kaitani ;the creator of Liar Game managed to make a baseball anime more enjoyable and fascinate.

Before this, I had watched baseball anime such as H2, Touch and Cross Game. The story focus more on friendship, love and baseball. Those are also what come in my mind before I watch this anime. Looks like I am totally wrong when the Hero; Toua Tokuchi used a lot of tactical and chain strategies to win a game. He also is a master in psychology that makes this anime more interesting. 

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Looks like this month has a lot of interesting movie that worth watching.

Avatar: ( Read More )

I am sure you have heard about Avatar cartoon series. Although this movie use the exact font type as the cartoon series, there isn’t related at all. This movie is about how a soldier is made to be an alien (by using avatar) so that he can socialize with an alien race. Watching the trailer, I feel that this movie is worth to watch at cinema since this movie has full of CGI. Furthermore, the alien planet is really colorful and this is movie is directed by James Cameroon; the guy that direct Titanic.


Prince of Persia: (watch trailer)

Based on a popular game. This movie is about a prince and a princess who join forces to save the world from a ruler who can release sandstorm to destroy the world.

Prince of Persia

Sherlock Holmes 2009: (…Read More)

This new version of Sherlock Holmes will surely change your perspective towards the old Holmes and Watson. Besides investigation, this movie brings a lot of action too. In this movie, Watson isn’t just a typical helper for Holmes but Watson’s character himself is important as Holmes.

sherlock holmes movie review

Ninja Assassin:

“My name is Rain”… Who doesn’t want to see this Korean drama:Full House actor to act as a dangerous assassin. Since he always play goodie goodie, I want to see some bad side of him too.


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