Have you heard the Japanese drama titled Bloody Monday? Bloody Monday is a Japanese drama that is adapted from a manga titled Bloody Monday.

Yeah.. lot of drama are adapted from manga. Maybe they are some correlation between popular manga and popular drama. Means, if the manga version is popular, the drama about it will be popular as well. Furthermore they are already fan base from the manga that might interested to see their favorite manga in drama version.

My first impression before watching the drama online is that the drama should be bloody and full of vengeance. Looks like I am partially wrong. Actually Bloody Monday is a interesting drama that is suitable for all age and gender despite the ‘bloody’ title.

In this drama, you will see how a student become involved with a group of terrorist. The terrorist is going to release a virus in Japan. The same virus (not computer virus) that is previously released in Russia shown tremendous effect. Since Fujimaru Takagi has involved in the series of event, now he has to use his super hacking skill to help national security THIRD-I in preventing the Bloody Monday from happening.

If you are a tech or IT geek, I am sure you will become attach to this drama or manga since there is a lot of hacking and IT information that you can heard.


The words like backdoor, P2P, distribution computing, and parallel processing are some terms that you will hear. I am sure you will be amazed by Fujimaru creativity and strategy in taking down the terrorists.

Although the Japanese drama is good, the Bloody Monday manga is far more better. Somehow the cuteness of the girl actresses had driven me to watch the drama as well.

bloody monday actors

Okay dude… Check out the chick on the picture above?

So what do you think? Cute right? If you haven’t watch this drama yet, make sure you find them on Amazon or nearest DVD shop. This drama is worth to be watched especially if you are a computer geek or have background in computer engineering or computer science.

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In Mac 2012, Accurve Solutions has published a game called Where’s My Chicken  for Android. This game seems simple but somehow has attracted a lot of interest till it manage to get 50,000 downloads in matter of a month.

where s my chicken

To me, this is a huge achievement especially for a game that is developed by Malaysian.

After the success of Les Copaque in animation industry, I believe Malaysia can break the limiter wall in gaming industry too. Maybe this is the beginning.

What’s so good with Where’s My Chicken?

Feeling curious…??

Well… just install the application in your phone and try it yourself. I am sure you will sunk into the game.

<<   TRY IT FOR FREE     >>

These are other interesting Android applications made by Accurve Solutions.

Space Express -  Space Express is a physics game with an exciting twist. Launch humans, rats and even anvils into space as you race to deliver packages as fast as possible. Match different packages with different thrusters to reach the orbiting space stations. Try to save money and experiment to reach even higher scores while competing with your friends.

Rhythm Bot – Do you fancy yourself as musically talented? Have you ever thought a Musical Genius lurks beneath your unassuming exterior? Why don’t you pit your musical abilities against Rhythm Bot and find out?

Check them out here.

dues ex review

Since the introduction of the Mass Effect series, many games have tried to provide a more interactive experience by giving choices to players which have consequences to later stages of the games. Some have succeeded in this while others have failed, but none have done it quite as well as Dues Ex: Human Revolution.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third chapter in the Deus Ex series, and the prequel to the original game. Set in the year 2027, the story follows the life of Adam Jensen, head of security to the biotechnology corporation Sarif Industries. In this world, mankind is on the brink of allowing robotic implants to be grafted on people, effectively making them “more than human”, and society is torn between those who support the idea and those who are against it.

The story is compelling as it is convincing, and the voice actors and writing give so much depth to the characters that you absolutely feel for them when something breaking occurs in the game.

But many games have excellent writing, and what sets this game apart from others is in the massive amount of choice which is allowed to the player. You can play as a spy, quietly moving through the corridors, or you can go all out in a combat build. What’s more, the dialogue options with the bosses of the areas are intriguing as well, giving you the ability to convince others into giving up, or provoking them into a fight.

dues ex human revolution

The graphics in the game are excellent as well. Utilizing a sandbox experience, you can roam around freely in the many cities of Deus Ex, and the setting is very accurately portrayed to give players an immersive feel while playing. This is the type of game which sucks you into it so well that you end up playing into the wee hours of the morning, only stopping because you absolutely have to go to work the next day.


If you’re looking for a great game to play while 30 hours of your life away, there is no other game which can provide as rewarding an experience as Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Give it a go, and I guarantee you that you’ll be unable to put it down!

azurt azure tower defense

Azure Tower Defense is another map for Warcraft III. It has 40 rounds of chaos and mayhem. In Azure Tower defense, you can choose three type of  game that is solo, versus or cooperative.

Based from wiki:

Cooperative: Everyone teams up against the creeps, in an attempt to survive all the waves of creeps – Solo: Each individual player builds their own towers to defend themself. – Versus: Teams or players build their own towers and can summon creeps to the opponents towers.

If you are a fan of Warcraft, better try this game. Get Azure Tower Defense at Filefront Dot Com.

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Who will not be surprised if they know that Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton are going out. Furthermore if you see Cristiano Ronaldo with Paris Hilton tucked under his arm at a club in Los Angeles.

According to rumour, it was not the first time Ronaldo and Paris met. Last July she tried to get friendly at a different LA club but he snubbed her efforts.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton also have been seen together a few hours before an announcement from Manchester United is made. Manchester announced that they had accepted £80 million offer from Real Madrid.

This means, Ronaldo is not Manchester anymore but Real Madrid player from now and onward.

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More romance than horror

I decided to watch Twilight because my friend told me that it is about vampire and dracula stuff. So I am expected that this movie is full of action and suspense stuffs.

However, Twilight make me down when the movie is more about love and humanity compare to what I expect. However I am quite satisfy to watch those vampires playing baseball with incredibly superhuman strength.

And there is another thing. By watching this movie, you will know the secret why vampires do not like the sunlight. Because they will dead? No, not in this movie. Watch this movie

Another supernatural tv series released just like heroes and supernatural. The only different is it broadcast from Canada showcase tv while another two from US. Lost girl is about a girl Bo plays by Anna Silk who has been abandoned by her parents since she was born due to some threat by enemy. She was raised up by adopted family and didn’t know that she has a unique power that somehow will cause a serious damage to human body or even fatalism. It’s like seducing human and sucks the human energy.

After murder a man in an elevator she was kidnapped by a ‘fae’ the underworld group which divided into two distinct groups (light and dark). The light group takes her to ask who she was and what kind of her clan. During the interrogation process the leader of the light group strongly believe that she doesn’t know anything about the ‘fae’ world. After being checked, she was told that she might come from succubus clan. And as a tradition in fae world, she has to choose which side that she likes to join. No registration fee at all…hahahaha… At last, she choose to be with human and start to ask about herself and try to find the root of her family, who is her father, her mother and so many things.

By now, two episodes were aired and I found it really stunning. Even from the first episode I’ve decided to follow this series to the end. Enough for now and I leave you with the Lost Girl trailer (showcase promo) so you can judge it by yourself. Do comment me to ask for the lost girl free download link,ok..??

watch lost girl (2010) trailer here

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I am a good follower of Need for Speed racing game. Though Need for Speed Most Wanted is not the latest one, I am sure many gamers would feel Need for Speed Most Wanted as the best among other Need for Speed series.

The most notable difference about NFSMW is the storyline. Although the cut scene only appear in beginning and ending, at least you know what is going on. Here a bit about NFSMW storyline, you was a top racer in a city and then someone called Razor challenged you for a race. Razor used dirty trick to beat you. Not enough with that, he took your car too. That’s when you need to start your career as street racer again and make your way to the top so that you can fight Razor again.

career 100 

Beating Razor is not the hardest part. The real pain in the ass comes right after you beat Razor. The final stage that is so called The Final Pursuit needs you to escape the city in Pursuit Level 6. Pursuit Level 6 means you will face a lot of police car, almost everywhere.

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Better graphic technology compare to decade ago has enhanced gaming industry. Nowadays most teenagers never look back to the old games due to poor graphic and compatibility issue. Even though the reasons are solid, some of the olden games still strong in my heart; especially for Grim Fandago.

For those that like journey or adventure games, you are losing something if you never play Grim Fandago. Although you cannot die in this Lucas Arts game, don’t expect this game to be boring since the game play and storyline are top notch.

Since Grim Fandago was designed for Win 98/ME, you might have a little trouble installing this game in Windows XP, Vista or 7. Don’t worry so much as some hardcore coder had provided solution for those compatibility issue.

Here are some guidance to play Grim Fandago in Windows 7.

  1. Install Grim Fandago.
  2. Apply the patch that can be downloaded from Lucas Arts website.
  3. Setup compatibility setting in Windows 7 so that the Grim.exe application use Windows 98/ME compatibility.
  4. If you have sound or graphic problem, you may need to turn off 3D Graphic acceleration from DxDiag.

If you cannot install Grim Fandago at all, consider to use alternative launcher that is created by fan. That launcher also has the ability to keep Grim Fandago files in hard disk so that you don’t need to use CD anymore. Using the launcher, you can also play Grim Fandago in window mode.

Hope you enjoy being Manny Calavera.

grim fandago

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By looking at its title “spartacus” many perception flashing through my head and the most popular and the strongest one is its relation with word spartan..yeah..maybe this series will tell us about something related to spartan time and its legacy. Something about history that left us thousand years ago.. it was passed in about hundreds centuries. But the story and its glory remain in our life and pass through mouth to mouth. On that time, I think that i am the happiest person when starz (America tv channel) announce its intention to produce a series related to ancient history since I love history and I can sit even 5 hours to read, hear and watch anything about ancient history. It’s really interesting and amazing.

But after sometimes, I get to know that Spartacus is not about spartan heroes but it appear to be a man from Thracian ethnicity who was forced to be a roman gladiator which is played by Andy Whitfield. Spartacus is his name on that show and he actually will come back to fight against Roman Republic as a leader of all slaves. On the last week of December, the producer of this series announce that ‘there will be the second season of this show’ even on that time, the pilot of this season wasn’t aired yet.

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