The first month of a university time was really hard for me. It’s not that difficult but redoes the assignments twice for all six subjects do make anyone frustrated and exhausted. It’s not totally my fault that I’ve to make it again, but it’s all due to a virus attacked all over the university computer and a adjacent zone. It will make your files seem to be hidden. Not just hidden, but totally hidden. No one can see those hidden files and was replaced by shortcuts. You can’t get access to the hidden file even you double-click all of the shortcuts. In fact, you’re not even know that your file still in there.

Since we don’t have much time to retrieve those files or find any other ways to get that files back, we just redo all the assignments and it was really frustrating. Before that, we just try to scan the pen drive but no threat was detected. We use the latest Kaspersky database but still nothing. And the time to focus doing assignments begin…………

But after sometimes, someone came out with the theory that the files were hidden by the virus-maybe he found it from the internet or something- and so, everyone start to find a way to unhide the files. I found something that really interesting to solve our problem by using attribute command from command prompt-actually from a friend of mine (credit to rezduan)-… Here’s the way to do it…

1. Open command prompt. (Don’t know how to do it? refer to this article…) 2. Redirecting your command to the infected partition. eg: C:\Documents and Settings\user>F: The above example done if your pen drive is F: it may be G:, I:, W:, or anything… 3. The command will show the partition to be commanded. eg: F:\> 4. Simply type this, [attrib -h -s /s /d] eg:F:\>attrib -h -s /s /d 5. Wait until the hidden files being retrieved.

If you’re familiar with the command prompt.. You can just type this from the beginning….

1. ATTRIB -H -S [[drive:] [path] filename] [/S [/D]]

I will explain the meaning of -h, -s, /s, /d later, ok? Hope it’ll help you and see you later…

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hye every one.. it’s been a while rite.. I’m so sorry because I’m too busy lately with the university registration. After all,  I have something to share with you. Here, the very basic and the most simple things in computing. But, it’ll help a lot to recognize which is the most important for anyone who is plan to buy computer partly. If you have a computer already and just need your computer repaired in Brisbane? Home Computer Tech can help you. After doing some research and reading I found that there are 5 most important component in a computer system which three of them are vital. Let me list down all five component before we go through it one by one.

1. Motherboard (MOBO) / Mainboard

2. Memory

3. Power Supply Unit (PSU)

4. Hard disk (HDD)

5. Peripherals.

Let’s take a look of the first component which is motherboard or simply called MOBO. Most of us call it a heart/brain of a computer which help do all the process. Actually I combining processor(cpu) with MOBO and call it one component since processor sit directly on MOBO. You can find it two different things later. A matter of simplification, just take it as one. The cpu will do all the needed process. cpu contain 3 component which are control unit (CU), Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and register. Beside that, MOBO consist of Basic input/output system (BIOS). BIOS is the initial software before load the operating system (OS). Without BIOS, the computer won’t know what to do.(we will discuss bout BIOS later on). MOBO is also important for data send/receive purpose. MOBO consists of a web of busses from/to storage or else for the data send/receive. MOBO also consists of HUB which work as a house to many other peripheral devices like mouse, printer and monitor.

The second and vital component of a computer is memory. There’s a lot of memory to be covered, but let’s focus on this one, the most important memory called Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM is one form of data storage of documents done in pdf to word converter and normally recognized as a primary storage. RAM temporarily stores files & information that it can pull at random when running program or applications. Together with CPU, RAM determines the computer speeds. All data and information stored in RAM will be deleted when the power off.

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If Jimmy found himself a [intlink id=”1141″ type=”post”]sony ericsson k770i[/intlink] as a new gadget to replace his old motorola v36 phone, me myself found sony ericsson w705 to be my communication gadget. You can get this phone for RM720-rm780 only. After one month of usage, i found there were several features that make me really like this phone. But, at least 3 things make me feel kinda regret bought this phone. If I want to scold somebody, Jimmy is the most suitable one because he was late to post the article about ‘buy-sell’ rule for new handphone. hehehe… That’s why we always need to pay an attention to the new post and also read all the good stuffs from internet or blog to make sure we do not regret anything in the future..

Surely I want to share with you the best part of this phone first before I go to the next part….the regret one.he…

IT Zone at Taman Pekaka is having its own PC Fair. If you live near USM Engineering, than you can visit IT Zone to get a lot of pc parts with good prices. If you don’t have idea of what to buy, let me helps you a bit. I am sure you may need some of the stuffs below.

USB Bluetooth

If you like to capture pictures by using camera phone, I am sure you don’t really like the transfer part, where you need to plug in the cable to your PC. By having a USB Bluetooth, transferring files can be done easily without the need of any cable. The problem is that the speed might not be as fast as using wire cable. But if you’re transferring small size of files, than USB Bluetooth would really help.

LCD Monitor

Are you still using the bulky CRT monitor? For your information, the CRT monitor consumes more power than LCD monitor. This research was done by USM researchers that love the environment. They encourage everybody to use LCD monitor for the environment. In addition, the user will get the most benefit because by having a monitor that saves 50 percent power, you just saved half of your electric bill.

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Buying PC is not really as simple as one might think. To get a good bargain of PC with affordable price as possible, some factors need to be taken into accounts. The most important factors that I always consider are prices, places to buy, PC usage and performance, the warranty period, and either to buy a new set or second hand PC.

So, lets go into each of the factor with more detail.

Price vs Distance

Money is a very important aspect in buying PC especially for a average person. Some people like to buy PC parts or completed PC at Lowyat (near Imbi Plaza, KL) since they can get the best price for PC parts there. For some people, they like to buy PC parts online whether from auction websites or forums because they can get PC parts at cheaper prices compare to retail one.

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I used to think that desktop is better than laptop, but thinking again I see that laptop also better. Right now I am using desktop because I don’t fee a need for a laptop yet. I was able to my gaming laptop battery life to last longer so I could play where I wanted without having it plugged in all the time.

So how about you? Already have your own personal computer or still confuse which one is more appropriate. If so, below comparison should help you get the ideas to know which one suit you best. Laptop or desktop. You could also check the website of Razer to find information on the 13 inch gaming laptop and make a quick decision regarding gaming laptops.

Basically you can compare between a laptop and a computer by using these parameters. But I am gonna only talk about a few of them.

Who do not know Dell, a big name in computer related business. Talk about Dell, he actually start his business while in college. At the time, computer set is still new to society. Not many people who can install computer by their own. Looking at this chance, Dell start his business at small scale. He buy computer parts at cheap prices and then he installed all of the parts into complete PC by himself. That’s just the start. Now Dell has their own model of computers and parts (such as Dimension Memory and Dimension RAM).

I believe a lot people should find Dell price is among the best price available in buying PC. Two years ago, my friend bought himself a set of Dell computer. The price is affordable and the spec is really awesome. A lot of big companies also preferred Dell computer as their server. This is nothing to be surprised since Dell computer is said to be top notch in reliability and performance.

Despite a powerful computer, user still need to know that computer memory (RAM) plays a major role in a delivering computer performance and efficiency. Dimension Memory Upgrade might be a good choice to find suitable ram especially ram that related to server computer. Not only for Dell, but for other platforms too. No matter how powerful a computer is, the performance will be bad if the memory size and speed isn’t suit to the processor speed.

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atx_power_supplyIn getting personal computer (PC), customer always made the wrong decision when choosing power supply (PSU). Power supply is a thing that you need to consider in case you want to upgrade your PC later. Some people are stingy and bought less power PSU because it is cheaper. However the problem will come once they decided to add more components to their PC. You must remember that when your power supply can’t supply enough power to the PC components, the PC performance will slow down or leading to crash. Some said that PSU problem could also damage the PC parts.


legion movie

Although both Tooth Fairy and Legion have identical poster and the same date of release (21 January 2010), both of them are in the opposite genre to each other. Tooth Fairy plays by The Rock is a family movie. Based on Wikipedia, tooth is the fairy that trade gifts or money for a child teeth that fallen out. In this movie, Dwayne Johnson is punished to be the real tooth fairy after he discourages a youngster’s hope by saying Tooth Fairy never existed.

In contrast to Tooth Fairy, Legion is a serious movie. I don’t know whether this movie is able to enter Malaysia since its storyline is nonsense. Will you ever think that God will be tired of human and then ask His legion of angels to end humanity? That’s what Legion is about. Nonsense isn’t it?

laptop batteries

Most people use laptop for convenience. We can take laptop everywhere even during traveling. However, once the laptop battery becomes weak, the laptop lose its main purpose.

Instead of buying a new laptop, we can save a lot money by buying the battery for the laptop only. However, this is hard to be done since it is quite difficult to choose the correct appropriate battery for a laptop. Once, my friend need to search a whole town just to find the correct battery for his laptop.

Lucky, by using PortableComponentsForAll you can find laptop battery easily. With their complete

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