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By in Place and Events on March 4, 2010

Career Fair 2010 (old name was Ekspen) is held in USM Seri Ampangan (Engineering Campus) from 2 to 3 Mac. This Career Fair is meant to final year students so that they can find related companies to be interviewed for job. Gold sponsor for this event is Shell, the giant company in oil industry. Even on the Career Fair committee members’ shirt has Shell’s logo. Wonder how much they sponsored this event.

In contrast to Career Fair, there is mini program for secondary school students called FEC. This program is meant to open the student eyes about universities education and courses offer. I think this mini program is very useful so that students will choose course according to their interest.

So, what’s new in this year Career Fair? To me, 2010 Career Fair looks a little like museum. Why I said so?

There, can you see the replica of a flight? I always see this at museum. By the way, there are also two motorbikes as showoff model. Not really understand what the motorbikes mean.

Then, there are also a few booths that represent faculties in USM engineering campus. The one that entertain me is Aerospace booth. Really looks like a museum to me (except that they are not the model of wooden house).

Oh, Career Fair 2010 also has their own .com website. Before this, Career Fair only use subdomain under USM. This simple yet stylish website is designed by Sejukz’s webmaster. At a corner of Dewan Utama, there are a few computers there. Yet something new this year. I saw that some students were accessing Career Fair website so that they can get information about companies that are in career fair. This website seems to be helpful.

The most interesting companies booth this year is in the picture below.

I find it interesting because it has the name of the famous professional basketball player; Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant is the all-time leading scorer in Lakers history. Even Sakuragi is no matched for him.

Actually Kobe Precision Technology is not related to sport at all. It is a company that sells product or technology based on aluminum ground substrates (which is the main component of hard disk).

And the award for beautiful booth is given to Osram Opto Semiconductors. I find this booth design to be colorful and attractive. Especially the rubic cubic wallpaper that they used. Oh, if you see the picture below, you can see a shiny light at the booth. There is nothing actually, just my itchy hands that want to test Photoscape effects.

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    FEC has develope its website which is
    it is to help student in engineering studies.. mostly matriculation & form 5 student..