Top spoilers for the Captain America movie

By in Movie Reviews on August 1, 2011

If you had watched Iron Man the movie, I am sure you already noticed the Captain America shield that had appeared in the movie. The answer for the shield is finally revealed in the Captain America: First Vengeance movie.

Damn, this is why I love Marvel movies. They have strong connection between the movies and characters. It feel like you are playing with pieces of puzzle that can only be reassembled once you watch every Marvel movie.

iron man captain america shield

I remind you again, this is a HEAVY spoiler. If you has not watched the movie yet, I am not responsible for any brain damage because of reading this spoiler.

The first spoiler is…

Howard Stark is involved in the Captain America movie

imageTony Stark’s dad, Howard Stark can be said as one of the main actor in the movie. Being the best mechanical engineer in America, Howard Stark plays some role in helping with the creation of the super soldier.

Seriously, Howard Stark is far better than Tony Stark. He has elegance and look exactly like Nasir Wahab I guess. However he is not so arrogant compared to Tony.

The second spoiler is…

Captain America meet the same fate as Fry in the Futurama

Okay this is a serious spoiler that will reveal the ending of the Captain America movie. I won’t tell you how but in the end, Captain America should wake up in this modern year after long years of hibernation.

This explained how the Captain America shield is in Tony Stark house (in Iron Man 2) as his father is probably the one who put it there while waiting the awakening of Captain America.

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