Cameron Highland tour guide

By in Place and Events on October 4, 2010

Want to go for a holiday trip but don’t know where to go? Then try to consider Cameron Highland as choice. Located in the center of Peninsular Malaysia, I doubt anyone will have any trouble going to Cameron Highland.

Cameron Highland is a amazing destination and worth to be visited, but if you really want to go here please take a few advices from me as consideration. Firstly bring some panadols along the way because the roads are really challenging. If you have a hard time with roller coaster, then extra plastic bags should be brought in case you need to do some “dirty” thing.


Second advice, don’t be fool by your heart. Once you get there, the first thing that comes to your mind should be Strawberry. You might find that the price at entrance is reasonable but I am sure you will get better prices if wait until you reach the correct place (night market).


NOTE: Crab fries are another interesting food in the night market. RM5 per packet, cheap right?


Lastly, don’t forget to try raw corns that are sold up there. The type of corn that is called Jagung Mutiara is really special because you can eat them raw. This is not a  bluff. Surprisingly, the corn taste better than boiled corn. Unlike boiled corn, raw Jagung Mutiara tastes crunchy and wet. Slurrpp….

2 thoughts on “Cameron Highland tour guide

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    The night market seems nice, but I didn’t have the chances to go to the night market on my last visit.

  2. 2

    Too bad.. I think the night market is the main attraction there.. at least for me.. haha.