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By in Celcom Broadband on September 20, 2012

Broadband SKMM or also called Broadband 1Malaysia has been distributed since early 2012. In my opinion, the broadband package is clearly a great bargain for those interested to have a mobile internet connectivity.

The SKMM Broadband comes in several version such as Maxis Broadband SKMM and also Celcom Broadband SKMM. The best feature of the broadband is the cheap monthly price. For a mere RM25 per month, you can enjoy internet connectivity for the entire month. The bandwidth for the broadband package is limited but you can still access the internet, only that the speed is reduced a bit.


Although the package is good, the SKMM SIM card is rare.By rare, I mean you can never find the SIM card being sell on mobile phone shop or retailer. Only selected agent can sell the SIM card. You can find the agent quite easily on the internet.

For those that are interested to have this broadband package, I am glad to tell you that you will enjoy free one month internet connection. After the first month, you can continue using the internet service by top up RM25 worth credits into your SIM card. You can do this by buying two RM10 and one RM5 top up cards. As an alternative, you can just buy a RM30 worth of top up. Don’t worry, there will be RM5 balance in your account. For the next month you only need to top up credit worth RM20.

However the are certain issue faces by Broadband SKMM users. Some users complaint about the validity period of the internet connection. They argue that the broadband user can only enjoy the internet service for a week if they load the credit by using several top up (eg: RM10+RM10+RM5). To avoid facing this issue, it is wise to top up RM30 into the SKMM SIM card.

To top up credits into the SKMM pack, you just need to top up like usual. Dial *122*[pin number]# and pressed call or enter.

Then SMS “BROADBAND SKMM” and send to 28882. Please remember not to surf internet before sending this SMS. If you do, the internet will be charged from the top up. Not from the SKMM broadband package.

Once you get a reply about the Broadband subscription, reply “BROADBAND YES”. Then you will get confirmation message telling expiration date. That’s all.

Here is the dealer for Celcom SKMM pack, .But if you wish to get Maxis Broadband SKMM Pack, you can check out this Facebook page.

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