Korean drama review: Bridal Mask (2012)

By in Movie Reviews on May 7, 2013

Bridal Mask is a Korean drama based on a popular manhwa. Manhwa actually means comic. If in Japan, people called comic as manga, in Korea they call it manhwa.

I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate or not… maybe they are trying to have their own identity as well. But currently they are not too many great manhwa around compared to great manga.

Okay, lets go back to the topic.

What do I think about Bridal Mask? Why the title is Bridal Mask? Is this some sort of lovely wedding typical Korean drama that we always watched?

bridal mask watch koran drama

If you are thinking like that, then you are totally wrong. Bridal Mask is a drama with good character building and awesome twist.

This is actually a superhero type movie in Japanese colonial era. Quite some sort of fighting drama where the hero where a Bridal Mask to hide his identities.

This is not like typical K-Drama where they are feeding you with awesome soundtrack so that you can ignore some plot weakness in the storyline.

At first I am quite reluctant to watch this drama as I think the timeline setting of the story is so boring —> Japanese colonial era.

But when I had watched the first three episodes, suddenly I become attached and addicted to the drama.

By the way, even though the theme song in this drama is limited, I love their main theme. I love how this song combine together classical opera and rock music. Just listen to the song below…

If you haven’t watch this drama yet, feel free to do so. Watch it online on Mysoju or buy the original DVD somewhere on watch it with your families.

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